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Busy, busy. Another little piece of something I was working on earlier. Hope everyone’s weekend is off to a good start.

Untitled | AmandaMuses

Day 11.3

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Day 11 | AmandaMuses

Day 10.3

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Day 10 | AmandaMuses

Wmotd, Week 2

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Ok, I’ll admit it. This week’s installment of “weird” music of the day/week isn’t “weird,” at least not to my ears. But the pace and mood of it pretty well captures the busy pace of the week so far (Also, I just like this tune.). How about you? How was your week— productive? slow? icy? Here’s hoping for a pleasant weekend. Enjoy!

Hora Decubitus, Charles Mingus

Day 9.3

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Day 9 | AmandaMuses

Just a little something leftover from a piece I was working on this evening. I rather like where this seems to be going—feels very inky and reminds me of wisteria.

A little something | AmandaMuses

Day 8.3

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Day 8 | AmandaMuses

Day 7.3

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Day 7 | AmandaMuses


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It’s turning out to be a cold winter for a change and while we’ve had some snow from a few storms, I’m still hoping for more. And in America, where there is snow, there is often salt.

A while ago I was driving through the mountains in a snow storm. Sometimes even crummy roads and worrisome weather can be beautiful.

Untitled by AmandaMuses

Sitting in my car this time of year sometimes feels like being in a conservatory.
Salt | AmandaMuses

Salt | AmandaMuses

Day 6.3

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Day 6 | AmandaMuses

Day 5.3

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Day 5 | AmandaMuses

Day 4.3

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Day 4 | AmandaMuses

Wmotd, Week 1

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A few years ago, when I lived in Colorado, Fridays became associated with weird music of the week or day (or wmotd if you will). At least once a week, usually Fridays, I’d share a piece of music with a co-worker who had a pretty brutal workload and crazy schedule in and out of the office. It was my small way of saying “hi” and “thinking of you” without interrupting workflow or productivity and giving them a little entertainment for their afternoon break.

It’s been a few years since we’ve worked together and the weird music has been shared consistently among friends. So today I thought about revisiting this habit and trying to re-introduce it into the mix for 2014 (though I can’t promise all of the music will be weird). And since it’s Friday, here’s your music for the week, enjoy:

Wire & Flashing Lights by Professor Kliq

Day 3.3

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Day 3 | AmandaMuses

So it’s a new year (FINALLY) and that often means new year’s resolutions. In the past, I’ve made some and like most follow through on them with mixed results. Small things seem to be easier to adopt but even so, we all have our road blocks and detours.

So this year, I’m trying something different. Following the advice of others, I’ve decided to pick a word for the year as best described by Ali Edwards and her One Little Word concept.* I’ve still written down a few goals or hopes for the year for my own reference but I’m not going to limit my focus to those. Instead, my resolution-ish efforts will be aimed at my word for the year, endeavor.

Picking a word upon which to focus does not magically affect change (unfortunately). Instead, it serves as a sort of personal mantra for the year, a sort of motivation or guide when I wake in the morning or to reflect upon when feeling direction-less in a given project or pursuit. We’ll see how it goes. But I’m pretty excited to infuse my year with the concept (or is it really a pursuit?) of endeavor.

This year, I’m also going to do my Daily365 exercises a little differently too (at least that’s the plan for now). Instead of one project that I get sick of by July, this time a handful of shorter term projects will be my goal. As in the past, my daily365 project exercises will be posted here in the Daily365 section of this site. Ultimately, I hope to re-do this section to be easier to navigate between the years, but for now it’s ordered chronologically from 2013 backward (stay tuned on this front).

So, how about all of you? Have you made any resolutions for the new year or opted to focus on a word? What’s your word for the year?

*You can still sign up for Ali’s One Little Word 2014 workshop if you want to try this concept but would like some help and creative prompts to follow through along the way.

Day 2.3

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Day 2 | AmandaMuses

Holiday break

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Just a quick post to say ‘Happy New Year.’

Untitled | AmandaMuses

As you may have guessed this is a sibling a few of the illustrations posted earlier in December (1, 2, 3) which were iterations for the last round of Spark in 2013. This one felt festive with it’s bright, complementary colors.

Hope everyone’s year is off to a pleasant start.

So as I mentioned earlier, this year I’m going to do my Daily365 exercises a little differently. In past years (2010, 2011, 2013) I’ve picked one project for the whole year, generally portraits. This year, I’m going to try mixing things up by switching projects during the year while still posting a piece a day throughout the year (at least that’s what I’m aiming for at this point).

To start things off, I will ease in to the year with self-portraits. Let’s go!

Day 1 | AmandaMuses

It’s no secret that 2013 has not been my favorite year so far. Hell, let’s just admit it— 2013 pretty much sucked (at least for me and several others I know). It could’ve been worse, things could ALWAYS be (or get) worse; even so it was still pretty bad as years go, imho.

But tomorrow is not just a new day (and chance), tomorrow is a new YEAR. It’s been a long while since I’ve been this excited for the new year— a nice symbolic start to a new chapter and a chance to start fresh and begin again. After all the crap of this past year, I feel confident that making things better and more positive in 2014 will be within my reach.

And because I’m so excited for tomorrow’s new beginning, I can’t help but keep singing this song to myself (and have been for the last few days, to be honest):

If you already know me, you probably also know that I like music and movies from the 20s-40s. This song was written not long after the market crashed in ’29 (and was used at the ending of MGM’s movie Chasing Rainbows released the following year ). Leo Reisman & His Orchestra first recorded the song in late 1929 and perhaps that version may be better known or more popular, but for my money it’s Ben Selvin’s version shared above that does the trick.

If this song sounds familiar, you may have heard it in the context of FDR. It was played at the 1932 Democratic national convention during his presidential campaign and later became associated with the repeal of prohibition during Roosevelt’s first year in office. And while prohibition has been repealed officially for eighty years (as of December 5) and the Great Depression is long gone, this song was written and popular during a time when things weren’t so great. When things were pretty awful for far too many. I’ve felt pretty far from great this past year (or two) and have had more negative things happen to loved ones during the past year(s) than I care to revisit here. So listening to this song on repeat for me is not just amusing and smile-inducing, it’s a song of hope and happiness. It makes me feel better and helps me BELIEVE that tomorrow will be brighter and better (even if that means we have to make it so ourselves with some paint and better lighting). “So let’s tell the world about it now, happy days are here again…”

Anyway. How about you guys? How are you feeling about the coming year? Any big ideas, plans, hopes or goals? Do tell. It’s been too long since I’ve written like this and hope to renew a more conversational tone with you all. So let’s start the new year by talking about what we hope to see around the corner.
xo A

Well it’s New Year’s Eve and the final day of the year. While I managed to post a daily portrait of D’Art the cat as promised in a post last January, I will admit the results are a little different than I had intended. When I started in January, I was hoping to push myself to do more drawings but ended up sticking to a comfort zone of photo manipulations.

There are a handful of images in this year’s collection that I rather like, but will admit that I don’t think this year’s daily365 project was as compelling or perhaps successful as the daily portrait series I did in both 2010 and 2011 (Here are the summary videos of 2010 and 2011).

Oh well. Tomorrow is a new year and another chance to start something. Stay tuned… and Happy New Year!

Daily-D'Art-Day365 by AmandaMuses