While some might describe D’Art as “nothing but a ball of fuzz,” “a furball with legs” or “a furry monster with glowing eyes ;” I’d say that’s generally selling him short. Generally.


Flu/cold season kept me in bed today, so D’Art joined in too…



On Sundays waiting for snow or visits from our feathery neighbors is not uncommon…



It’s rough being King, I’m told…


Sometimes D’Art is quite the Creative Director…


The first few days of a new year’s daily creative exercise and so far I’ve stuck with photos somewhat because of my comfort level with the medium. As the days march on though, I aim to push this daily drill into other hopefully more creative directions.

Stay tuned, dear readers…

Sometimes D’Art is a bit of a mystery…


In years past, I have undertaken a daily exercise in the form of self-portraits here on the blog (2010 intro 2010 summary 2011 summary). Last year I took a break from such creative drills and in some ways regretted it during the year.

This year, however, I shall resume a daily exercise to keep myself (and the blog) on my toes and hopefully even sharpen my skills a little along the way. Since I have already published over 800 self-portraits worth of daily 365 activities, it feels like it’s time to move on to a new subject. So this year, I’ll focus on 365 days of D’Art, my constant companion for the last many years. Over the course of this year’s daily creative exercises, I will aim to create portraits of him with various media and share the results with you, dear readers, here.

So how about you, readers? Anyone undertaking a daily 365 project of their own? What are you focusing on for your creative exercises throughout the year and are you sharing them online? I would love to see and follow everyone’s work on any daily/weekly/monthly projects as they develop over the course of the year; please feel welcome to share links to your projects in the comments.

Good Luck and Happy New Year!


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It’s hard to believe, but today it was warm and sunny enough to be driving around town with the windows down. Even though it’s November, Baltimore is, as usual, somewhat reluctant to admit that it’s fall and that winter will be on the way soon enough.

Light leaves

The leaves are still hanging on though. And some flowers too….

Fall Flowers

Oh well. At least it’s fun while it lasts…

Update: Like these photos? Now they’re available printed on pillows & totes here on Print All Over Me.


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Today is finally Election Day here in America. About 30 million people have already participated in early or absentee voting in 34 states by mail or in person. Now let’s get the rest of the registered voters out to the polls!

Still unsure of how to vote or waffling? Here’s a tongue-in-cheek opinion about choosing our next president that I happen to agree with:

With that said, the most important part is showing up to your polling place today and VOTING. Ladies, we’ve had the vote for less than 100 years in most states (thank you, 19th amendment and Susan B. Anthony), GO VOTE and make it count.

Not sure about where to find your polling place? Check your state elections board, or get more details about each state here.

Interested in the results of the election but are outside of the U.S. and/or without a tv? You can follow along on CNN’s website here.

And just in case the embedded player above malfunctions, here’s a link to the original clip.


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This year, thanks to Superstorm Sandy, Halloween festivities were rescheduled in my neighborhood. As it turned out, many adults celebrated in costume the weekend before the storm so this year we get to enjoy TWO Halloweens in Baltimore.

A few years ago, I posted other fun old cartoons that make me happy and remind me of Halloween. You can check them out here.

How about you, readers? Did you dress up for Halloween, carve pumpkins or take a little one trick-or-treating?

Hey Baltimore, MD and East Coast–
We made the news (not surprisingly) in Sweden:

View on SVT’s site, just in case

View on SVT’s Site



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The other day while pausing for a coffee to warm up after a swim, I noticed the light and shadows as they did something special on a quiet afternoon…


By now, you’ve probably already heard about the massive storm, Hurricane Sandy, also dubbed Frankenstorm winding its way along the Atlantic coast at the moment.

For most of the day my neighborhood, usually a bustling mix of residences and local businesses, has been eerily empty. The rain has been falling steadily for a few hours now and the world outside my window remains ominous. I’ve seen, sailed and driven through plenty of bad storms, but the silent stillness is always the creepiest.

Waiting on a wire

If you’re in Sandy’s path, readers, stay dry and stay safe.


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The other day I took a long walk through town. I had an old camera with a roll of film that needed to be finished for processing so with a bag full of cameras I set out on a photo hunt. While exploring, I came across a building with the most incredible texture. It seemed as though the entire facade had been coated in Mercury.


Another draft from the cutting room floor… While I like the composition to some extent, the color palette just isn’t working for me. Not surprised this ended up in the discarded file.

Spark13 discarded iteration

What do you think?


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As I mentioned in an earlier post, a lot of the time when I’m doing creative work (concepting/sketching, designing, doing post production on photos, etc) I like to do so with my headphones on (even when I’m alone). Each year as the season change and the weather grows cooler, I find myself drawn outside to longer walks through the neighborhood to explore. On some of those walks I find myself wearing headphones too.. There’s something about “turning off” one sense of the external world that helps sharpen the other senses’ observations of the world I’m exploring..

One of my favorite songs to listen to on a walkabout through town is DJ Krush’s klub remix of Meiso (originally by DJ Shadow):

Listening to this song takes me a lot of different places.. though very often it sends me to walks along the water in Gothenburg…

How about you, dear readers? Do you listen to music while exploring your hometown or a vacation spot? Do you have favorite songs that transport you on different travels?


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Not all that long ago, I found myself in a tropical jungle…

Purple jungle

Ok, maybe not…But the sun was hot, the air was humid and boy were the plants pretty…


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Here’s another from the “discarded iteration file”… Giving this a second look, the direction this piece is taking doesn’t seem half bad…

Spark13 discarded iteration