day 16

Day 15

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Day 15

Like Swimming

into the void

It’s just one of those days; we all have them– you wake up and the world feels grey and unwelcoming. You scuff around and feel sorry for yourself and maybe mope a little. Well today, I’m having one of those days.

BUT instead of moping about like a fool when I feel like this, I rally my inner troops and forge ahead. This generally involves a longer visit to the closet– pulling out especially fun shoes and a colorful jacket, a bigger than usual cup of coffee, a longer lunch break and a tightening of the circle of dearest friends. When the world feels unwelcoming, I find it best to simply become the ultimate hostess– welcome the unwelcoming and just outshine the grey.

One of my longest standing friends from childhood, loved the Beatles when we were kids; countless weekend hours swam by to the soundtrack of the fab four and today my mind has drifted back to those days:

Watching this clip from the movie Help!, the semi-sad lyrics of the song mixed with the subtle silliness of Paul and George perks me up and makes me smile.

How about you, dear readers? How do you perk yourself up when you’re feeling down?

Day 12–Itch

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When I was an undergrad in design school , I was one of the weakest drawing students among my peers our freshman year. My professors, patient and inspiring though they were, seemed to remain concerned about my weaknesses in the fields of drawing and craft; it was the final pin-up discussions at which I shone.

When the second semester of my freshman year came along and my drawing skills still fell short of my peers, one of my professors, who held a master’s in drawing, pulled me aside and gave me some advice. He gave me a few tips on how to improve the quality of my work, but above all advocated simply for practice. One of the exercises he recommended was to draw simple shapes over and over again– to draw until they were coming out of my ears. By so doing, I would be training my hands to be more skilled at quality of line and form. So for weeks I drew obsessively– circles, squares, cones, pyramids, triangles, lines, lines, lines; it was the mad hatter’s geometry and it was exploding inside my sketchbooks.

By the time I graduated with my BFA, I was selected as the designer of the year, so something must have clicked along the way; the mad hatter’s geometry had pushed me further. Today, simple forms like those from my professor’s exercise tend to creep into the margins of my sketchbooks and meeting notes– an unconscious habit, it now seems.

When I came across the above video from the Design Council, one of the first things that came to mind was that exercise of drawing simple shapes over and over and over.

Why be good when you can be better? What do you wish you could do better, dear readers? And how do you plan on getting there?

When I was a kid, one of the best things about the weekend was the extra hours one could spend running around outside but more importantly it was the CARTOONS! Saturday mornings with Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes provided a solid foundation for my humor later in life; I don’t think I shall ever tire of dropping anvils on my foes or ordering office supplies from the ACME catalog.

Sundays, on the other hand, were an utter disappointment in terms of entertainment. The best one could hope for was a leftover kung fu movie from the day before, assuming of course, there was no religious commitment to attend. There was also Jonny Quest, and a few other odds and ends pulled together mostly from the sixties. At first I really didn’t like Jonny Quest and his lameo friend, Hadji; and what was the deal with Dr. Quest and Race? But after what seems like years of waking up to Jonny, now I sort of miss him. Sundays just aren’t the same without cheezy cartoons from the past; n’est pas?

What weekend goofiness do you miss from your childhood, dear readers?


Long drop

Ever had that existential crisis where you lose sleep wondering what typeface truly exemplifies your creative spirit? I know I’ve long suffered the anguish of not knowing– am I Meta or Ma(n)son?

Well, our collective prayers have been answered! The design sages at Pentagram have given us the quiz tool: what type are you?
What type are you
You will be happy to know Camus himself is Bifur while I myself am Archer Hairline… or was it Marina Script…

How about you, readers? What typeface are you??

Make sure you use the password ‘character’

Ode to Neutra

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Ever the type-geek, I couldn’t resist sharing this TERRIBLE (terribly AWESOME, that is) video parody:

Kind of makes you want to grow a well-kept beard, n’est pas?

Day 8–21:01

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For whatever reason, I’ve had a tendency over the last three years to avoid general silliness here on AmandaMuses; some of it can be chalked up to an attempt to keep my private self private and allow this site to serve as more of a public sketchbook related to my work. But for those who know me in real life, the absence of general humor on this Web site has seemed a little odd (some of you have even told me so), since in reality I can be a fairly silly person when socializing with loved ones. Well today, marks a concerted effort to serve the public demand for fun:

Recently, I came across a totally random but clever time-waster– Cheese or Font. Combining the loves of typography AND cheese, Cheese or Font challenges your knowledge of fine fonts and fromage.

So how well do YOU know your cheeses and fonts, dear readers?

Day 7–Trout

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This morning, my inbox greeted me with a few reader e-mails; most notably and amusingly, this photo from a reader in the United Kingdom with the caption “There you are:”

ACB spells Asthma

Ever the fan of found type, especially when it’s a variation on a name or initials, I couldn’t resist sharing the reader’s find. Thanks, folks! Keep ’em coming!

Day 5–Inc.

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