The other day

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The other day I found myself out for a walk in the blustery North wind… and despite the bitter cold, I couldn’t resist taking a few shots:


Electric Dreams

Last month, Smashing Magazine ran a post that challenged its readers to design something everyday. Today, I came across the author’s a follow-up post on Design Informer and wanted to pass on the challenge to you, dear readers.

I dare you all to create something everyday for the next year, regardless of your skill sets, day jobs or personal passions. I challenge you to take fifteen or twenty minutes everyday to make something unique and meaningful everyday for the next three hundred and sixty-five days.

The author behind the original post, Jad Limcaco, will be posting his results on a new section of his site called Daily 365. Others are joining in on the challenge and blogging about it too; here are a few of those folks:

My own semi-daily portrait exercise from last year will continue throughout this year’s challenge but I hope Jad’s challenge will encourage me to do still more daily exercises. If you want to post your own challenge results online, use the #daily365 tag so other challenge takes can follow your progress and cheer you along.

I’m not one to make new year’s resolutions, generally, but this year it just seemed right. This year, I aim to:

Draw more

Draw more

Draw More
I’d really like to try and make more of a habit of sketching during my travels and off time.

Be Happy

Be Happy

Be Happy
I’ve learned a lot during the last few years, I’ve done some pretty exciting things and I’ve done some work of which I can be proud. But happiness and joy have not been at the core of my daily life, at least not as much as I would like.. so in 2010, I want to work on that.

Write more letters

Write more letters

Write more letters
When I was ten, I had a teacher who gave us an assignment to write a letter to someone every week for a year. It was an excellent habit and one I’ve not maintained dutifully over the last twenty years or so as I’d like to say. Want a letter or to be added to my postcard list for when I’m on the road? Send me an e-mail and I’ll add you to the snail mail list 😉

Be more active

Be more active

Be more active
Over the last few months, I’ve spent too much time in my workspace (or commuting to it). As a result though, I’ve gotten less active and miss the pace I tend to maintain when living in a more urban environment. This year, I want to be better about making a habit of being physically active since it feels so good.

Make more art and perhaps sell some too.
If I don’t make things, I don’t feel good; it’s as simple as that. When I don’t make things, my skills get rusty. This year, it’s time to make time for art no matter what. And to start listening to the people who have been asking and telling me to sell my work for years.

What are your resolutions this year, dear readers? Need help with yours? Here’s a handy resolution generator.















With the new year upon us, now seemed like an appropriate moment to share this short film:

Forever’s Not So Long, by Shawn Morrison and Garrett Murray

How would you want things to end?


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Even when I’m out running errands, I end up working. See?

Working while trying to take a break isn’t really such a terrible thing, mind you…

Do you have a hard time turning off your work brain, dear readers?

Tuesday Tunes

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This morning, I was not feeling terribly motivated– it has been a bitterly cold, WINDY winter day in Charm City and my inner bear just wants to hibernate this time of year. But I’ve kept my favorite mug full of fresh coffee and even went so far as to pull together a playlist to keep myself motivated. If your motivation is waning or you just need some new music, you can find most of my playlist available through iTunes as an iMix here.

How do you stay motivated and productive at work, dear readers?


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After taking most of last week off, I thought I’d start the week off with a few fresh texture finds:

See through

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How are YOU celebrating the holidays, dear readers?

Keep Warm

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Years ago, I found this coat. It is more of a piece of artwork than it is a wardrobe item:

What keeps you warm this time of year, dear readers?