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So far this month feels like it is ZOOMING… or at least this past week certainly did.

This piece is much longer than I share typically, but take a break and listen to it all the way through if you don’t already know the piece— trust me.

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Night Sky

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Without meaning to, this ended up looking like the night sky, I think. What do you think? What does this look like to you?

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Last week, the latest round of Spark ended (and once again I participated).* As in the past, that also means that I have a new crop of unpublished iterations to share with you here.

The written inspiration piece I was assigned this go-round was more complex than some I’ve gotten in the past and dealt with loss. But it ended hopefully, and so the earliest iterations had a brighter daytime palette and look that isn’t always typical of my layered illustration style. What do you think? Where do these take you?

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Untitled | AmandaMuses

*If you’re not sure what I’m talking about when I mention Spark, you can see past entries in which I mentioned Spark here or learn more about it here.

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So it’s the last day of the month and as such that means I could stop posting my ‘Sketch A Day’ drawings here since earlier this year I thought it would be nice to switch between different daily exercise themes each month. But since March is going to be crazy with a CAH-RAZY, I’m going to keep sharing my daily drawings for another month.

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Wmotd, Week 9

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This song has been stuck in my head lately. February is just about over and it seems to have been a tough month for some of us if nothing else because of the weather. Listening to this track on repeat (as I tend to when I write these weekly posts) a number of things come to mind including the greyness of winter but also movement.. and travel. My mind is on traveling lately as it tends to be on and off during the year. There’s something hardwired in me to make me want to travel and explore it seems.

How about you guys? Where does this track take you? What do you hear?

In Every Direction by Junip

This started with a lame plant and grew into ribbon-y leaves. Meh. Not really feelin’ this one, but sort of like where the lines of the ribbon-y leaves are starting to go.

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Flowers? Wheels? I have no idea what these are. You tell me.

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This started with the word “sleep” and sort of bloomed from there. Not terribly impressed with this drawing, but that’s sort of the point of this exercise— draw more to get back into the swing of drawing and maybe even get a little better at it again..or at least make it a habit.

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Shields, sort of.

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