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October was such a busy month that it’s hard to believe that we’re already four days into November; but here we are, the day before Guy Fawkes Day the TEDxMidAtlantic conference.
I’m excited to see what tomorrow’s conference holds and hope to have plenty to share in the days following the event. In the meantime, if you haven’t already read it, there is a thoughtful article about the conference in today’s Baltimore Sun.

And if you were not lucky enough to obtain registry for tomorrow’s event, beginning tomorrow (5 Nov 09) there shall be a live feed of the event available here.

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A few months ago, I blogged about the William Kentridge show, Five Themes, at SFMoMA. In that post, I described my introduction to Kentridge’s work ten years ago at the Carnegie International Show. Since that first encounter with his work, I have been a fan. This evening, I thought I’d post a copy of the original film that caught my attention:

The film has a soundtrack, but I was unable to find a full-length copy of it with the sound. Here is an abridged sample featuring the sound:

I love the raw quality of line and gesture; this piece still captivates me. What do you think, dear readers? Seen any great animations or art exhibits lately that you just can’t get out of your mind?


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Watching this video leaves me dumbfounded– the amount of work and artistry that went in to this collaborative production is just incredible. Take a look at this piece created by Blu and David Ellis at the Fame Festival earlier this fall in Italy.

COMBO a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis (2 times loop) from blu on Vimeo.


Ok, so this is how hip hop sounds in my head:

Seriously. There are not enough positive adjectives to describe how much I love this video– it has help mend my awful, bad day by making it a little better. The history of hip hop in five minutes of “chap hop” with a banjolele? Yes please!

What videos have made your day lately, dear readers?

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I have another confession to make, Internet. I am terrible at picking out tables– I put it off as long as I can, I will buy a couch before picking out a table, and even then it takes me six months to commit to a couch.

When I lived in Denver, I went months and months without a table, not even a desk! I had kitchen counters and a side table, that was as flat as it got in my home.

But lo! I have found a table that I would gladly welcome into my home; behold:

I swear my fascination with this table has nothing to do with the year I spent living across from a ball bearing factory. Ok, maybe just a little bit.

What’s your idea of the perfect table? And are there any items of furniture you find it difficult to select?


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After my recent posts about beloved cartoons, I’ve gotten a number of requests and recommendations from readers and dear friends. So tonight, I’d like to share with you some of the early work of Aardman, the brilliant British animation team who gave us Creature Comforts and the much loved Wallace and Gromit series.

Ident, dates from 1989 and features the first appearance of the dog who would later become Rex the Runt.

Silly dogs AND Eddie Izzard as an alien, yes please.

Vince kills me. What do you think? What are YOUR favorite cartoons, dear readers? What other cartoons would you like to see on AmandaMuses?

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Ok, more like two..


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A number of you have asked me what ever happened to September. Allow me to illustrate with a photo:

I always felt it was better to show rather than tell. Wouldn’t you agree?

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Shipping Channels

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“decreasing five to seven later… occasional rain, moderate…”


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Sometimes, I’m too shy for my own good…

Sneak Peek

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People have been asking me what I’ve been working on lately, so here’s a quick snapshot of one of the projects on my desk:


What are YOU working on these days??


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My head feels like it’s going to split in two…