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Another draft from the cutting room floor… While I like the composition to some extent, the color palette just isn’t working for me. Not surprised this ended up in the discarded file.

Spark13 discarded iteration

What do you think?


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Here’s another from the “discarded iteration file”… Giving this a second look, the direction this piece is taking doesn’t seem half bad…

Spark13 discarded iteration

A few more from the discarded work file…

Spark13 discarded iteration

Spark13 discarded iteration

See the finished piece here


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Continuing along the theme of discarded process work, here are few process iterations from my response piece for Spark, series 10

Spark10 discarded iteration

How about you? What do you do with discarded sketches or concept work from creative projects? Do you archive them, or incorporate them into some sort of presentation? Or are they simply casualties of creative process?

Spark10 discarded iteration

Picking up from my recent post about sharing overlooked sketches and process work, below is another installment from the cutting room floor.

These are iterations from work on my response piece for Spark, series 11

Discarded from Spark 11

Have you heard of Spark? It’s a quarterly collaborative art event that’s been ongoing for several years now. Organized by Amy Souza, participants are given ten days to produce a new piece of creative work (written, musical or artistic in some way) based upon an assigned existing work.

Discarded from Spark 11

So readers, have you ever participated in Spark or something like it? Do you think you’ll sign up and give it a try next time?


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I’ve been doing quite a lot of file organizing and digital “housekeeping” so to speak lately. And aside from the obvious result of tidier hard drives, my memory (no pun intended) has been refreshed with ideas and projects I’d forgotten about. So this evening I’m going to start sharing some of those overlooked pieces and iterations with you, dear readers. Sound good?

Spark13 discarded iteration

How about you? Do you find yourself generating a lot of “process work” that just gets archived and forgotten after you complete a project? What DO you do with old sketches and iterations?

During the course of his life, Vincent Van Gogh wrote hundred of letters to his beloved brother, Theo. Lately, I’ve been reading some of their correspondence and came across a letter last night, part of which caught my attention:

“Ah, mon cher frère, quelquefois je sais tellement bien ce que je veux. Je peux bien dans la vie et dans la peinture aussi me passer de bon Dieu mais je ne puis pas, moi souffrant, me passer de quelque chose plus grand que moi qui est ma vie, la puissance de créer.

Et si frustré dans cette puissance physiquement, on cherche à créer des pensées au lieu d’enfants, on est par là bien dans l’humanité pourtant”

“Ah, my dear brother, sometimes I know so clearly what I want. In life and in painting too, I can easily do without the dear Lord, but I can’t, suffering as I do, do without something greater than myself, which is my life, the power to create.

And if frustrated in this power physically, we try to create thoughts instead of children; in that way, we’re part of humanity all the same.”

Interestingly enough, Vincent composed this letter a hundred and twenty-four years ago today…

Day 190.2

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Day 190.2

Inspired by the incredible exhibit Savage Beauty at the Met today….

…I was in Stockholm attending an opening with one of my neighbors. We were there to see a piece of my work on exhibition, one which earned me an award that night. The evening was freezing and strangely solemn but there was champagne and a few laughs –not too shabby, really. Time flies…

A wolf in sheep's clothing

Whether you received any red envelopes this year or not, it’s officially the year of the rabbit now–yay! Which gives me a perfect excuse to share another piece by ROA:

A discarded draft of a recent submission for an online art exhibition:

Day 177

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Day 177

This one reminds me a little of Swedish artist Alexandra Hedberg‘s recent Snow White drawings and explorations

Next week holds the promise of the US release of the first film by Banksy. Last week, an extended teaser for the film was released which begins to outline Thierry Guetta’s (aka Mr. Brainwash) pursuit of the mysterious artist. Check it out:

A list of venues and showtimes across the US is available on the film Web site.

Art Rock

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A brief video of the current installation at the Barbican in London by French artist Céleste Boursier-Mougenot which explores the unexpected rhythms of daily life.

This weekend the Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA) will play host to the Contemporary Print Fair. Visitors to the event can enjoy and purchase prints from fourteen major contemporary art dealers, galleries and presses. The two day event will also feature guided tours, artist lectures and a panel discussion.

Consult the event Web site for a full list of scheduled events and participants

The Baltimore Fair for Contemporary Prints & New Editions
Saturday and Sunday, 27-28 March 2010 11 a.m.- 6 p.m.
at The Baltimore Museum of Art 10 Art Museum Drive Baltimore, MD 21218

Looking for something to do this sunny weekend, Charm City and D.C. metro readers? Then why not check out the Highlandtown Spring Artfest this Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Held at Magnolia Designs Gallery in the Skylofts, the Artfest promises to be a fun way to welcome the new season and support local artists and craftspeople.

Artists at Saturday’s event will include: Adornments by Atelier Beads, Elisa Shere Jewelry, Joe Dennison, Lana Bella, Robert Funk, Tigerlilyshop and many others.

Saturday 20 March 2010, 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. at Skylofts 3701 Bank Street, Baltimore, MD 21224, check it out


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I tweeted about this months ago but somehow overlooked sharing this wonderfully fun artwork here.

On display at the British Library in London is a painting by British artist, Patrick Hughes:



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As a jump-start to the week, here is a gorgeous piece to get your creative juices flowing, dear readers:

Brain Candy

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Today finds Charm City buried once again, in a blanket of sparkling white. The effect is beautiful, bewildering and even a little inspiring though at some point after hours of shoveling, the snow will become less than charming. In the meantime, here is a piece of visually stunning eye/brain candy straight from Japan for you, dear readers, snowbound or otherwise:

Doesn’t this just make your eyes smile and the snow a little more fun?

Ever wonder what the process of giving form to something looks like?

BMW has an idea and shares it with the rest of us through the kinetic sculpture installed at the BMW Museum in Munich. Employing the use of over 700 individual metal spheres and stepper motors, the mechanical wonder covers six square meters. Over the course of seven minutes, it dances out a hypnotic, mechatronic narrative that visualizes the process of form-finding. Here is a brief sample of the sculpture’s performance:

A trip to Munich may be in order…