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Day 71 | AmandaMuses

I sort of hate this experiment in patterns and forms.. Happily, I get another shot at something else tomorrow. Phew!

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Day 60 | AmandaMuses

So it’s the last day of the month and as such that means I could stop posting my ‘Sketch A Day’ drawings here since earlier this year I thought it would be nice to switch between different daily exercise themes each month. But since March is going to be crazy with a CAH-RAZY, I’m going to keep sharing my daily drawings for another month.

Day 59 | AmandaMuses

This started with a lame plant and grew into ribbon-y leaves. Meh. Not really feelin’ this one, but sort of like where the lines of the ribbon-y leaves are starting to go.

Day 58 | AmandaMuses

Flowers? Wheels? I have no idea what these are. You tell me.

Day 57 | AmandaMuses

This started with the word “sleep” and sort of bloomed from there. Not terribly impressed with this drawing, but that’s sort of the point of this exercise— draw more to get back into the swing of drawing and maybe even get a little better at it again..or at least make it a habit.

Day 56 | AmandaMuses

Shields, sort of.

Day 55 | AmandaMuses