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Day 54 | AmandaMuses

Day 53 | AmandaMuses

A little better, I guess. But still rather unsatisfied with the consistency of pattern and form. Oh well. May try this pattern again another time.

Day 52 | AmandaMuses

Unhappy with how sloppy the lines are on this. Will try again with a thicker tip and see if that makes a difference.

Day 51 | AmandaMuses

Day 50 | AmandaMuses

Day 49 | AmandaMuses

Day 48 | AmandaMuses

Day 47 | AmandaMuses

Didn’t devote a lot of time today to sketching but decided to play with transparency and a different pen. Meh.

Day 46 | AmandaMuses

Not the most exciting sketch today practicing mark making with another brush tip. Oh well.

Day 45 | AmandaMuses

Tried out another new-ish pen with today’s sketch, a slightly different style of brush tip. Cranked this out pretty quickly but this style tip feels much better and seems easier to control than the other brush I’ve used recently.

Day 44 | AmandaMuses

This is one of those drawings where you’re just not feelin’ it. I kept adding to it trying to make it less unappealing to myself, but there was just no saving it to my eye at least. Oh well. It can’t be all good all the time and that’s ok. The more I get back into drawing, hopefully the more my eyes and hands will remember and learn what looks and feels right.

Day 43 | AmandaMuses

Started drawing tonight with my new-ish brushtip and just wasn’t feeling it. Really hated the marks and pattern I started making and since there is no undo or “Command-Z” with ink, I just went with it. Adding layers of marks over the base layer gone awry just felt much better; sort of meditative. And so it goes.

Day 42 | AmandaMuses

Trying out a new pen. I like the subtlety of its range but have to work on pace and control.

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