This song always reminds me of standing in the pouring rain under a streetlamp waiting for the 54C.


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New Sketchbook, check it out. Mostly experiments but ideally thoughts on the multitude of design articles and publications I read

There’s also an rss feed too, if that’s your sort of thing.


Screaming Trees/ Sweet Oblivion

Prick/ Prick (unpublished front & back cover)

This is what’s missing from Sunday mornings (minus the Portugese voice over)…


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This is what I was up to tonight…

How about you, dear readers? What did you do this evening?


to buy a fat…..huh??

this looks suspiciously healthy… hmmm..

Tried something different with my coffee this morning…

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Just a guess, but I s’pose this is what the cat sees when I come home to pat him




Can you tell what it says?

As with any new sketchbook, I find myself suffering from “blank page syndrome” – too much white space, an ironic problem for a designer, really.

The concept behind this site was to create a sort of “dynamic sketchbook” (dynamic as in evolving, and updated-able) to use for both writing and artistic experiments; sharing thoughts on publications, experimental independent projects, and perhaps sometimes the work I undertake during business hours. The bottom line is, this is an evolutionary site.

Stay Tuned…

This is like being 7 and waiting for Christmas morning–waiting… waiting…. process the registration already!!