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I like to go dancing semi-regularly and sometimes I feel like this when dancing:

No, I’m not THAT tall, but this is exactly why I don’t wear higher heels when I dance— not because they’re uncomfortable (they’re not, generally) but because the “average” height for men in America includes children, apparently. (And yes, like the woman in the movie clip, I’ve almost been clotheslined with my own arm by guys who can’t/won’t lift their arm up high enough.

She was a hoot. A smart lady who blazed a trail for women.

Yesterday, Phyllis Diller died.

I did not know her personally or follow her movements too closely, yet when the news of her passing was announced on the radio, I shouted “No!”. I remember her from when I was a kid– her dry delivery and over-the-top look. The fact that she found her way onto Scooby Doo cemented her status as a star in my kid universe.

So long, Phyllis… thanks for the laughs and making it look easy.

An old friend

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Recently, I visited an old friend:
DSC_0305-web Mr. Sink

He’s been a little under the weather recently and is a little worse for wear, but hanging in there…

Seriously though, I’ve been fond this sink and his funny little face since I was a kid and was tickled to see him again after a long parting.


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Misery is such a hopeless romantic…IMG_1321sml

I guess we’re all hopeless romantics at heart… Happy (early) Valentines Day, folks.

This is why I don’t do shots…

…Unless they’re served by a pterodactyl….

Mr. X

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I met one of my new-ish neighbors a few weeks ago… He’s very nice, but rather secretive… and told me later that he’s in the witness protection program…


There’s a monster in the studio!

Studio Monster

During my travels, I come across some pretty strange objects, artifacts, stories and people.

Here’s a gem from my latest trip:Baby Veal

Veal baby food?! For real? For real. AWESOME.


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Finally, the perfect use for an iPad:

Logos Galore

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Lately, I’ve found myself attending a lot of networking events and meetings; not surprisingly, one of the results is many conversations about the design services I offer…

Perhaps though, I should consider an ad like the following:

Great stuff, right? Especially that smashing logo at the end…

Today I was featured on the Internet Sends Me Cake! Check it out!

The Internet Sends Me Cake

If you want some of your own tasty baked goods to enjoy from my kitchen to yours, a few of my more popular items are listed on Etsy.

Special thanks the Jessica Hische for her original idea behind the Internet Sends Me Cake Web site and for plugging my work/site as a result. I’m so delighted she and the Studio 612a crew enjoyed their goodies.

Back by popular demand, another installment of tips for life. Enjoy!

[OK, so it’s not the real Werner Herzog… but it’s still funny]

Tea Round

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Ever fight with your friends and colleagues over whose turn it is to get the coffee or tea each afternoon on your (fika) break? Sounds like you could benefit from Tea Round!


  • Atlas Snowshoes–with ~4′ of snow on the ground, these are almost a necessity
  • Keen boots–without a good pair of boots, snowshoes aren’t much use
  • Under Armour base layers–keep warm and dry no matter how wet you get in the snow
  • Design House Stockholm pleece–warm and snuggly
  • North Face WindWall–keeps the wind out and adds a layer of warmth to any good winter anorak
  • Aleve–after all that shoveling you’ll need it!
  • How about you dear readers? What do you depend on during harsh winters?

    mine, 2, 3, 4, 5,6


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    Unless you live under a rock or more likely, are one of my readers from abroad you might not know that this weekend brought Baltimore an historic blizzard.

    So this afternoon once the snow had stopped, I helped my family dig out. My mum was kind enough to supply the following video of my father and I shoveling their massive drive:

    Ok, so my sense of humor is especially punchy today– we’re all a little batty from the miles of sparkling white everywhere…

    You know, women workers can be surprisingly good producers….

    And remember, this all boils down to four things:

    • 1) Don’t mix pleasure with business
    • 2) Women can be awfully jealous of one another
    • 3) Avoid undue familiarity
    • 4) Women are more sensitive than men

    This gives me flashbacks to Oakland…