This song reminds me of a number of things, but most strongly late fall/early winter in Göteborg where I listened to this album quite a bit. This recording is much newer than the original but still pleasant in my opinion and today I could use some optimism.

Sunnyside up

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A few more from my trip earlier in the spring. The flowers and plant life on the island were incredible and just so lush.

20140331IMG 2191 web Sunnyside up I sort of love how the water from a morning rain trapped in the center of the above flower looks almost like an egg yolk.

20140319IMG 1100 web Sunnyside up

I’se a Muggin by Django Rheinhardt

I haven’t heard this song in YEARS and then suddenly today while writing, it popped up while I had my music library playing on shuffle. Sounds like autumn or winter to me, but maybe that’s why I like this song…

Sunny Road by Emiliana Torrini

Back to Earth

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Earlier this year I went on a trip that took me far across the globe. Since my return, it’s been a whirlwind of activity everywhere, it seems, but here. But finally, FINALLY, I’m coming back to the photo- and art-related work that’s been left off since my trip.

I’ve already shared a photo or two from the trip but there are heaps more to look forward to. Here are a few to begin with…

There were so many incredible plants, flowers and just LIVELINESS in general to see. Things were so lush and jeweled green. These are tiny plants I found on the stone walls of temples.

20140319IMG 1156 Back to Earth

20140319IMG 1157 Back to Earth

Black Coffee by Wingy Manone

I miss dancing. I used to dance a fair amount when I lived in Denver and always had a great time. Since I’ve been back east though, I haven’t been much of a social butterfly.. quite the opposite, really. Perhaps it’s time to get back in the swing of things, so to speak…

When The Sun Goes Down In Harlem by Bumper Jacksons

It’s Artscape this weekend and for once it seems like it won’t be sweltering.

Downtown by Rising Appalachia and the Human Experience

This week’s tune was actually produced for an IKEA advert of all things but it’s a fun song that reminds me of a far away friend I’m looking forward to speaking to later today.

Playin’ with my Friends by Masters in France

You can see the IKEA advert here as well as a funny video about the bear’s life outside of the video.

It’s Independence Day here in America today. Which means barbecues, fireworks and a general casual summer party feel to the whole day and coming weekend. To me, Dick Dale sounds very “American” and this is a pretty great song of his (even if the video is cheesy).

Nitro by Dick Dale

Wet Salt by Psapp

A few months ago, I spent some time in a fishing village in southeast Asia with a few friends making art. On our last night together, we had a bit of a party involving music and lots of laughs. Some of the guys in the village had a reggae band and a few of the gals on the trip got up and performed with them.

One of the highlights of the night was Rachael performing Can ‘t Let Go. Uh-Mazing. I don’t have video of Rachael’s performance or the trip in general, just fond memories…

Can’t Let Go by Lucinda Williams

Already a good song, now with more Kristen Wiig.

Not a terrible movie either as long as you forget ANYTHING you might know about the original short story or the Danny Kaye movie version.

“…in June, pretty baby, in June…”

Stone Flower

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Another from my trip earlier in the spring…

20140320DSC 1903 Stone Flower

Lately, there are two times of day when I listen to music most— early in the morning on my way to an office and late at night trying to concentrate on work or pet projects. Despite being a morning-ish person (in that I like being up early once actually up) I’m not necessarily firing on all cylinders immediately, not every day at least. So, it may not be surprising then that the soundtrack to my morning walk to the train is often pretty chill.. something with a bit of a rhythm for walking and that I can ignore a little while sharpening my focus.

Here’s a track that finds its way into the mix some mornings:

Cirrus by Bonobo

“‘Cuz all is fine… Loneliness is just a state of mind…”

Whispering at the top of my lungs by Tim Christensen

I used to live by a freight train line in college. Later, when I lived in Oakland, trains weren’t too far off either. In fact, Amtrak trains would run down the Embarcadero during the day sometimes (Like this). Later still, I worked across town and had to cross loads of freight tracks to get to a space big enough for presses and print-related equipment.

This song reminds me most of Oakland as dusk approached in my strange little corner of the city. Where does it take you, dear readers/listeners?

Minas De Cobre by Calexico

Couldn’t decide on a single track this week, instead here’s Tycho‘s latest LP if you haven’t already heard it.

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