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This weekend, I spent quite a bit of time tidying hard drives and folders of old work. It feels great to have a more orderly library of files and was fun to find old pieces I’d forgotten about. Here’s a discarded draft of an illustration that I found and liked:

Discarded Iteration | AmandaMuses

Curious what this piece turned into as a final product? Check it out here.

What’d you guys do this weekend?

A-B Sorting

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For some reason, today I decided to start sorting and moving old files from a local drive to a backup. And since I am the visual sort, it is inevitable that I end up looking through folder after folder of old images. This will probably mean a flurry of posts featuring some of what I found while sorting. Here’s one for instance:

A-B by AmandaMuses

Another draft from the cutting room floor… While I like the composition to some extent, the color palette just isn’t working for me. Not surprised this ended up in the discarded file.

Spark13 discarded iteration

What do you think?


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Here’s another from the “discarded iteration file”… Giving this a second look, the direction this piece is taking doesn’t seem half bad…

Spark13 discarded iteration

Picking up from my recent post about sharing overlooked sketches and process work, below is another installment from the cutting room floor.

These are iterations from work on my response piece for Spark, series 11

Discarded from Spark 11

Have you heard of Spark? It’s a quarterly collaborative art event that’s been ongoing for several years now. Organized by Amy Souza, participants are given ten days to produce a new piece of creative work (written, musical or artistic in some way) based upon an assigned existing work.

Discarded from Spark 11

So readers, have you ever participated in Spark or something like it? Do you think you’ll sign up and give it a try next time?


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I’ve been doing quite a lot of file organizing and digital “housekeeping” so to speak lately. And aside from the obvious result of tidier hard drives, my memory (no pun intended) has been refreshed with ideas and projects I’d forgotten about. So this evening I’m going to start sharing some of those overlooked pieces and iterations with you, dear readers. Sound good?

Spark13 discarded iteration

How about you? Do you find yourself generating a lot of “process work” that just gets archived and forgotten after you complete a project? What DO you do with old sketches and iterations?

…I was in Stockholm attending an opening with one of my neighbors. We were there to see a piece of my work on exhibition, one which earned me an award that night. The evening was freezing and strangely solemn but there was champagne and a few laughs –not too shabby, really. Time flies…

A wolf in sheep's clothing

A discarded draft of a recent submission for an online art exhibition:


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Despite having spent a week without my right hand (pronounced ‘MacBook’), I still managed to have a fairly productive week. In fact, this goes out the door tomorrow morning:

How ’bout you guys? What have you been up to lately, dear readers? What did I miss?


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Lately, I’ve been doing more than my fair share of tidying. Though in all fairness, I’ve also done my fair share of space invasion and creating unholy messes of boxes and newspapers from all the unpacking. Nevertheless, I have been on an organization kick; one that extends as far as my hard drives.

In sorting through my hard drives, I’ve found some amusing tidbits, scraps from the cutting room floor and oldies but goodies. Tonight, I thought I’d share a savory morsel leftover from an environmental graphics campaign I did a few years ago in Denver:


This is what happens when I work on a proposal too long and prepare far too many sample scenarios in order to pitch an idea. Shockingly, this is not one of the concepts we used for the final execution. I know, I’m as surprised as you.

Image: Me

Despite three 1000 mile plus moves in the last four years, I STILL have a stack of these that I really should get around to selling:


Designed and produced in 2004, A wolf in sheep’s clothing was a winner of the annual Swedish National Paper Screen Printing Competition that year. It has been exhibited at Kultur Huset in Stockholm during the spring of 2004 and at the 100% Centennial Exhibition at the Miller Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA in 2006. It is a 2-color, limited edition A1-sized screenprint on clear plexiglass that was hand printed in Sweden while I was still living there.

Want one? I’ll be posting them on Etsy soon, I hope. But in the meantime, PLEASE feel welcome to comment or e-mail and I’ll be happy to make arrangements with you personally.

Still need to do a proof print and then refine the first two…


sketched this over the weekend and will carve it soon…

Wet Spring

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For as long as I can remember, Spring has been a season of wet and saturated color to me – opposing polarities – warm and cold, decay and growth – struggling to balance out…

Last week there was an absolutely spectacular thunderstorm.. I couldn’t help but take a few photos, some of which I’ve already shared in previous posts..


In reviewing this photo and the others from the storm, I couldn’t help but think of an old series of posters I produced in Grad School. I never officially titled the series, but it was a series of four A0 sized posters (in the ISO 216 sizing scheme) that addressed my seasonally affected perception of color and emotion. It was difficult not to notice a vague similarity in color palette between the above photo, and the poster for Spring:


Screaming Trees/ Sweet Oblivion

Prick/ Prick (unpublished front & back cover)