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Ever wished you could wear my photos? Well now you can thanks to Print All Over Me.

Print All Over Me | AmandaMuses

At the moment, there are a handful of product options (T-shirts, sweats, pillows,etc) but I’ve applied a few of my photos to the products that struck me as most useful.

Print All Over Me | AmandaMuses

I’m pretty eager to see what the scarves, workshirts and totes all look like in person.

Print All Over Me | AmandaMuses

Pretty neat, huh? Have a pattern, photo or drawing of your own that you’d love to wear too or give as a gift? It’s easy to upload your own pieces for one offs or to sell at PAOM. And if you’re not feeling inspired by your own images, there are tons to pick from in their shop.


  • Atlas Snowshoes–with ~4′ of snow on the ground, these are almost a necessity
  • Keen boots–without a good pair of boots, snowshoes aren’t much use
  • Under Armour base layers–keep warm and dry no matter how wet you get in the snow
  • Design House Stockholm pleece–warm and snuggly
  • North Face WindWall–keeps the wind out and adds a layer of warmth to any good winter anorak
  • Aleve–after all that shoveling you’ll need it!
  • How about you dear readers? What do you depend on during harsh winters?

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    I have another confession to make, Internet. I am terrible at picking out tables– I put it off as long as I can, I will buy a couch before picking out a table, and even then it takes me six months to commit to a couch.

    When I lived in Denver, I went months and months without a table, not even a desk! I had kitchen counters and a side table, that was as flat as it got in my home.

    But lo! I have found a table that I would gladly welcome into my home; behold:

    I swear my fascination with this table has nothing to do with the year I spent living across from a ball bearing factory. Ok, maybe just a little bit.

    What’s your idea of the perfect table? And are there any items of furniture you find it difficult to select?

    Building on an earlier theme of friends and former classmates, today I thought I’d share the fabulous work of another buddy from my college days at Carnegie Mellon. When I think about it, the CMU connection theme could easily become a feature unto itself on AmandaMuses, but we’ll just see, I guess…

    Anyway, Josh Urso, another product of the Carnegie Mellon Design program, produces stunning furniture in his New Jersey studio. Since the opening of his design studio in 2002, Josh continues to produce items that explore the limitations of material and structure. His work, inspired by mechanical processes and new materials, inspires curiosity and a playful enjoyment of daily life.

    I love his Ant Farm lights and Knoop tables, and of course the incredible Specter chair– I remember Josh’s prototype senior year in college watching the evolution of this amazing object come to life. He took limp cloth and made it live with resin and sheer inventive brilliance.

    It has been many years since I have been in touch with Josh, but from the look of his Web site, he is doing splendidly.

    Images: Josh Urso Design

    As if the products of Papaya’s own designs weren’t fun enough, they’ve teamed up with artist Sabrina Ward Harrison whose work I’ve been a fan of for the last decade.

    When her first book, Spilling Open; The Art of Becoming Yourself came out in 1999, it quickly joined the ranks of my favorite books and often travels with me, offering inspiration and encouragement. I have enjoyed that first book so much in fact, that over the years I have given it to numerous friends as a gift.

    Papaya’s new collection featuring Sabrina’s work includes a fun range of note and post cards, sketchbooks and beautiful prints of her original works.

    I love the sentiment of the Make a Job print; I might just have to treat myself…

    Images: PaPaYa!


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    This morning I was thrilled to stumble across the new blog of card and gift design company, PaPaYa! For years I have been a fan of Papaya’s lovely products– ornate goodies dripping in texture and delicate color palettes.

    And if all of the goodies available for purchase from Papaya’s Web site aren’t enough to delight your eyes, there is a photo tour of Papaya’s workspace featured today on Decor8. Go check it out!

    Images: PaPaYa!


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    My inner-trickster cannot resist sharing this product with the world:

    Produced by Oaklandish as a transparent vinyl sticker available for purchase here, this product puts a huge smile on my face today. I’ve always liked their wearables, but I had never seen the sticker until today. My inner twelve-year-old wants to annoy my more conservative neighbors by plastering these around the local shopping district. I’m sure the joke would wear thin after a day or two, but still I could use a laugh today…

    Image: Oaklandish


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    Wallpaper has never really been something that appealed to me very much, but I may have to reconsider after discovering the beautiful papers available from Trove. The inventive designs and colorful reproductions are stunning. Here are my favorites:

    Auva by Trove


    Alula by Trove


    Ankaa by Trove


    Indi by Trove


    I LOVE this last one – magpies and crows are such lovely birds, tricksters with beautiful proportions and graphic style; they always made the winter and spring in Sweden so much more enjoyable to watch…

    What do you think? Looking at these gets me thinking about wall coverings and treatments with a new perspective. What are your favorite wall treatment ideas lately? Do tell.
    Images: Trove