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Last week was, to say the least, intense. And it probably seems as though I’ve lapsed into another brief (unintentional) quiet spell. While that was not a conscious decision, things happen and so it goes. This week is shaping up to be similarly busy, but in a much better way (hopefully).

While this piece still does not feel “done,” here is another discarded iteration that I rather like.

Untitled iteration | AmandaMuses

What do you think? Any ideas where it’s going? This is another “sibling” of the last two iterations I’ve shared recently here and here. Can you see the relationships?

More Progress

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Somehow this week flew by and while I got a lot accomplished and checked a lot of the boxes off of my list, there’s always more to do. Including that odd piece I started last weekend after an intense week of non-creative things. Today it’s gorgeous and sunny (and warm), but I’d really rather have a cool grey day so sitting quietly inside with a bunch of art files didn’t seem out of place.

While I’m still not entirely sure when this piece will be declared “done” (is anything ever done?), I keep coming back to this iteration. There’s a lot missing from it (in my mind at least, since I know where it’s supposed to be “going”) but there’s just something about it…

Untitled iteration | AmandaMuses

What do you think? Any guesses where it’s going? Also, this is a sibling of the last iteration… Really.

In progress

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After a week of being somewhat absorbed in code and paperwork, today my brain couldn’t take it anymore and I found myself putting together a visual piece just for myself. I’m still tinkering, but here’s an iteration from today that I rather liked.

Untitled iteration | AmandaMuses

What do you think? What do you see in the piece? Should be interesting to see where it goes. How about you guys? What have you been working on lately?

Another forgotten sketch from the files…

Spark13 discarded iteration

What do you think? Curious about the final version? Check it out here.

A few more from the discarded work file…

Spark13 discarded iteration

Spark13 discarded iteration

See the finished piece here


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Continuing along the theme of discarded process work, here are few process iterations from my response piece for Spark, series 10

Spark10 discarded iteration

How about you? What do you do with discarded sketches or concept work from creative projects? Do you archive them, or incorporate them into some sort of presentation? Or are they simply casualties of creative process?

Spark10 discarded iteration

Picking up from my recent post about sharing overlooked sketches and process work, below is another installment from the cutting room floor.

These are iterations from work on my response piece for Spark, series 11

Discarded from Spark 11

Have you heard of Spark? It’s a quarterly collaborative art event that’s been ongoing for several years now. Organized by Amy Souza, participants are given ten days to produce a new piece of creative work (written, musical or artistic in some way) based upon an assigned existing work.

Discarded from Spark 11

So readers, have you ever participated in Spark or something like it? Do you think you’ll sign up and give it a try next time?

Building on my recent talk of sketchbooks and organizational systems, now seems like an appropriate time to share a series which outlines a week in the lives of thirteen artists, designers and thinkers. Organized by I.D. Magazine to demonstrate the versatility of Moleskine’s new folio collection of sketchbooks, the series was exhibited this past April during the 2009 Milan Design Week.

Here are a few of the sketchbooks from the series:

Designer/illustrator, Marian Bantjes

Fashion designer, Han Feng

Graphic designer and author, Jessica Helfand

Industrial Designer, Ayse Birsel

What would a week in your life look like, dear readers?

Here’s a sample of recent work from the cutting room floor so to speak…


What are YOU working on these days, dear readers?

Sneak Peek

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People have been asking me what I’ve been working on lately, so here’s a quick snapshot of one of the projects on my desk:


What are YOU working on these days??