Tag: Art

  • Triad

    Rather like the implied light source of the orange in this. Also always like the triad of blue, orange and red together.

  • Ahead

    This weekend in America we moved clocks ahead an hour. This generally means the following Monday is full of zombies disoriented and exhausted by what shouldn’t be a big deal but for some reason our bodies just can’t deal with it. Anyway, it’s a new week and at least around here, a sunny-ish one to…

  • Night Sky

    Without meaning to, this ended up looking like the night sky, I think. What do you think? What does this look like to you?

  • Daylight

    Last week, the latest round of Spark ended (and once again I participated).* As in the past, that also means that I have a new crop of unpublished iterations to share with you here. The written inspiration piece I was assigned this go-round was more complex than some I’ve gotten in the past and dealt…

  • Hokum

    Busy, busy. Another little piece of something I was working on earlier. Hope everyone’s weekend is off to a good start.

  • A little leftover

    Just a little something leftover from a piece I was working on this evening. I rather like where this seems to be going—feels very inky and reminds me of wisteria.

  • Holiday break

    Just a quick post to say ‘Happy New Year.’ As you may have guessed this is a sibling a few of the illustrations posted earlier in December (1, 2, 3) which were iterations for the last round of Spark in 2013. This one felt festive with it’s bright, complementary colors. Hope everyone’s year is off…

  • Almost

    It’s almost the new year. I’m more excited than a kid on Christmas eve waiting to open their presents.

  • Eye

    What do you see in this illustration? I had a professor in college who would often start critiques of work with the question “where does this take you?” I find myself asking people the same thing when viewing or discussing art. To me, an eye and maybe some barbed wire emerges from this piece, but…

  • Holiday

    Happy Holidays, all! And for those who celebrate, have yourselves a merry little Christmas. xo

  • Festivus

    It’s Festivus! And look, another blog post—it’s a Festivus miracle (Ok, not really..but FESTIVUS)! As you might’ve guess this is related to two of the other illustrations (1 and 2) posted earlier this month. Happy Festivus, everyone!

  • Getting Colder

    Here’s another iteration related to the discarded draft I posted earlier in December. Both were iterations for the latest round of Spark, the collaborative art and writing project to which I have alluded before. After a few weeks away from this version, I’m not sure that I like it that much anymore. What do you…

  • Freezing rain

    It’s been another bonkers week and as is becoming a habit of late, my focus has not be on blogging, unfortunately. So it goes. On the upside, things seem to be settling down. And today it snowed for hours (the first snow of the year) which makes this northerner happy. We’ll see what next week…

  • Bare

    The last few days I’ve been fighting back a cold and also trying to wrangle what seemed like acres of leaves. I will admit to coming up short, the leaves always win (though at least I’m feeling mostly better). And as the month zooms by and the wind picks up, the tress are starting to…

  • Glow

    Rather like how this image almost seems to glow. Or is that just me (Am I nuts? Hope not.)? Anyway, even though I tend towards darker palettes, I like how this turned out— the glow of the softer colors helps add lightness and depth to what could’ve turned into a rather gloomy piece. What do…

  • Unearthed

    During the recent cleaning ( and purging ) of my main hard drive, I’ve unearthed discarded folders of old work drafts and unpublished photos that have kept me busy for the last few days. This weekend was spent concentrating on photos, so today I’m focusing on illustrations to give my eyes and brain a break.…

  • More Progress

    Somehow this week flew by and while I got a lot accomplished and checked a lot of the boxes off of my list, there’s always more to do. Including that odd piece I started last weekend after an intense week of non-creative things. Today it’s gorgeous and sunny (and warm), but I’d really rather have…

  • In progress

    After a week of being somewhat absorbed in code and paperwork, today my brain couldn’t take it anymore and I found myself putting together a visual piece just for myself. I’m still tinkering, but here’s an iteration from today that I rather liked. What do you think? What do you see in the piece? Should…

  • Picture Book Maker

    I love children’s picture books. Lately it seems as though the books I buy are equal parts children’s and thick “grown-up” books. There are piles of great books out there, old and new. And one of my favorite artists/authors making picture books today is Oliver Jeffers. If you’re not familiar with his work or have…

  • More forgotten sketches

    Another forgotten sketch from the files… What do you think? Curious about the final version? Check it out here.