Tag: blue

  • Triad

    Rather like the implied light source of the orange in this. Also always like the triad of blue, orange and red together.

  • Night Sky

    Without meaning to, this ended up looking like the night sky, I think. What do you think? What does this look like to you?

  • Almost

    It’s almost the new year. I’m more excited than a kid on Christmas eve waiting to open their presents.

  • Cracked & Peeling

    Between the wind and frigid temperatures, this time of year can be hard on one’s skin. Looking through unpublished photos, I couldn’t help but think of the winter’s harsh effect on skin when I spotted these: Hope you’re all keeping warm and well-hydrated wherever you are.

  • Holiday

    Happy Holidays, all! And for those who celebrate, have yourselves a merry little Christmas. xo

  • Contrasts

    Whenever I’m in Copenhagen, I try to pay a visit to the Design Museum. Enough time lapses between my visits that when I return, there’s always something new and different to see. During one of my tours of the museum, there was a dramatic lighting installation of aluminum. Oddly enough, it shared a space with…

  • F

    While sorting photos recently, it struck me that I have unwittingly amassed a collection of photos of the letter ‘F.’ Strange, really. Here are a few: I think I like this second to last one the best.

  • Bruise

    Have to admit that the colors in this remind me of the shades of blue and purple one gets from a really bad bruise (think of a real zinger from sliding in baseball, maybe like the one in ‘A League of Their Own‘). Or perhaps a field of lupine. How’s everyone’s week so far? Update:…

  • BlÃ¥

    Another rainy morning makes me think of blue still more despite the warm golds and oranges of the fallen leaves.

  • Geometric details

    There’s something rather pleasing about the geometric shapes of this train hardware. Usually it’s the colors or textures of old machinery that catches my attention but in this case I think it was the shapes.

  • Cold values

    I keep finding myself drawn to blue values and cold palettes without meaning to lately. See what I mean? How about you guys, have you found yourselves drawn to any particular colors lately?

  • Bleu

    Feeling a blue today, one way or the other…Ready to move on to a cold, snowy winter.

  • Gold and Blue

    Here are a few more from the rainy days last week. Really liking the subtle golds and blues and the warm tones of the rain drops. Hope everyone’s week has gotten off to a good start. Any plans this week, guys?

  • Blur

    The flash of colors in these outakes make me think of blue and yellow macaws flapping by. There used to be an antique store by the harbor with such a parrot who greeted visitors at the door. These days, the shop has moved to Maine and the parrot is now a green wing, but I’m…

  • Soaked

    Last week we finally got some much needed rain. So that meant a few things for me: working out inside and spending hours in the rain with my camera. It sounds nuts, I know, but putting up with the wet weather is worth it when you get shots like this: Looking forward to sharing more…

  • B&O

    Lately I’ve been catching myself noticing bits and pieces of numbers and letterforms as I go through my day more often than usual. I’ll be walking to catch a train into town or to meet a friend and a peeling sign will catch my eye, or utility work stencils or some such. If you follow…

  • Spray paint

    This photo has been resting in a folder on my hard drive longer than I care to admit, even so I still like the contrast of colors and the drip of paint frozen in place.

  • In

    Here’s another from my unpublished files… I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to share these with you, dear readers. How was your weekend, readers?

  • Pink

    I’m not really a pink person, but the contrast of the bright pink against the pale blue and the almost violent abrasions to this surface work for me. Update: Like this photo? Now it’s available as a matted archival print here in my Etsy shop.

  • Registered

    Found this forgotten shot of mine while organizing my hard drive over the weekend. Really really liking the color palette in this one. Update: Like this photo? Now it’s available as a matted archival print here in my Etsy shop.