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This year, thanks to Superstorm Sandy, Halloween festivities were rescheduled in my neighborhood. As it turned out, many adults celebrated in costume the weekend before the storm so this year we get to enjoy TWO Halloweens in Baltimore.

A few years ago, I posted other fun old cartoons that make me happy and remind me of Halloween. You can check them out here.

How about you, readers? Did you dress up for Halloween, carve pumpkins or take a little one trick-or-treating?

She was a hoot. A smart lady who blazed a trail for women.

Yesterday, Phyllis Diller died.

I did not know her personally or follow her movements too closely, yet when the news of her passing was announced on the radio, I shouted “No!”. I remember her from when I was a kid– her dry delivery and over-the-top look. The fact that she found her way onto Scooby Doo cemented her status as a star in my kid universe.

So long, Phyllis… thanks for the laughs and making it look easy.

When I was a kid, one of the best things about the weekend was the extra hours one could spend running around outside but more importantly it was the CARTOONS! Saturday mornings with Tom and Jerry and Looney Tunes provided a solid foundation for my humor later in life; I don’t think I shall ever tire of dropping anvils on my foes or ordering office supplies from the ACME catalog.

Sundays, on the other hand, were an utter disappointment in terms of entertainment. The best one could hope for was a leftover kung fu movie from the day before, assuming of course, there was no religious commitment to attend. There was also Jonny Quest, and a few other odds and ends pulled together mostly from the sixties. At first I really didn’t like Jonny Quest and his lameo friend, Hadji; and what was the deal with Dr. Quest and Race? But after what seems like years of waking up to Jonny, now I sort of miss him. Sundays just aren’t the same without cheezy cartoons from the past; n’est pas?

What weekend goofiness do you miss from your childhood, dear readers?


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After my recent posts about beloved cartoons, I’ve gotten a number of requests and recommendations from readers and dear friends. So tonight, I’d like to share with you some of the early work of Aardman, the brilliant British animation team who gave us Creature Comforts and the much loved Wallace and Gromit series.

Ident, dates from 1989 and features the first appearance of the dog who would later become Rex the Runt.

Silly dogs AND Eddie Izzard as an alien, yes please.

Vince kills me. What do you think? What are YOUR favorite cartoons, dear readers? What other cartoons would you like to see on AmandaMuses?

Digging up that last batch of cartoons made me wonder about other old favorites from my childhood. Not surprisingly, the vastness of the Internet did not fail me. So I present to you two more childhood Disney favorites:

Man do I love Donald Duck.. the muttering KILLS me… and both the soundtrack and foley for these two are great. Even though I’ve probably seen each of these at least a hundred times in the last twenty years and I know exactly what’s going to happen next, I still smile and laugh every time I see these.

What are your old cartoon favorites?


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For as long as I can remember, Halloween has been my favorite holiday. Each year, I’d look forward to an annual excuse to get dressed up and be silly, and go around the neighborhood trick or treating, smelling the autumnal smells and laughing all along the way. Today, I still love the holiday, even if I don’t have kids or even dress-up.

While working in the yard today, I was overcome by the glories of the autumn season– crisp air, golden light, colorful leaves crunching in my hands, even the smell of an eastern fall. Yum. Now inside, settled in with a glass of apple cider and a twitching cat, I am just itching for Halloween. So much so, that I thought tonight, I’d share with you, dear readers, some of my Halloween favorites. I grew up watching these cartoons as a kid and still get a kick out of them:

Both are old Disney cartoons from 1929… eighty years later they’re still great!