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Wet Rainbow

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Pleasantly surprised this shot came out. At this point in the afternoon, it was raining so hard I was having trouble seeing and had to keep wiping off my lens.

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Photo 1004

Just for you:





Round two of I spy… any guesses, dear readers, at what I’m describing?

I spy…

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with my little eye:






What am I describing, dear readers??


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Recently, I took a long walk around my neighborhood and down to the beach. I love where I live right now because of the proximity to the water. Often times after a hard week, a long stroll by the water is just what the doctor ordered to soothe your aching body and mind. While crossing the drawbridge back to my loft, I caught a flash of a texture I couldn’t resist, and snapped this, since I always keep a camera in my purse:

Drawbridge gate texture

Drawbridge texture

When I looked at the shot afterward, the palette I’d captured struck me– it wasn’t obvious when taking the picture, but I liked the simple, primary colors.

Later, while reflecting in my studio, I thought of a visual parallel to the above shot. No wonder I liked the composition of the texture, it reminded me of this:

Burial scene from The Fall

Burial scene from The Fall

Images: me and The Fall Movie


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For the last few days, I’ve kept this picture floating about my desk so that I’d trip over it again and again. I love the saturated and summery color palette captured in this snapshot from the other weekend and keep yearning to return to my favorite spot at the beach…


I was reading the the New York Times today, and one article in particular caught my attention.

The article gave a brief exploration of the current trend in naming colors after foods. It was only a few paragraphs before I found myself thinking of Patrick Jordan’s Supertrends concept and lecture(s). This article on food-colored cars struck me as yet another sign pointing towards hedonism in particular.

I found it interesting though that the author discussed the varied range of available color palettes on the auto market, and yet the current crop of vehicles on the US roads these days seems far less varied than the supposedly available range (though perhaps the diverse range is more focused on the high end market – even the aspirational cars seem to be limited to fairly patriotic colors). In keeping with Pat’s uncanny eye and sense for trends, I find myself drawing a parallel to the abundantly patriotic color palette of cars on the US roads today (predominantly red, white/neutral (white, grey/silver, champagne/gold, black), blue and occasionally yellow or orange) and the present social, economic and political climate of the nation.

I remember talking to Pat several years ago in Pittsburgh about this phenomenon – the more successful or “healthy” the social/economic/political climate, the more varied the available and consumed color palette of cars, the less healthy, the more constricted the palette. Pretty abstract in concept, and yet oddly true.