Tag: color

  • Wet Rainbow

    Pleasantly surprised this shot came out. At this point in the afternoon, it was raining so hard I was having trouble seeing and had to keep wiping off my lens.

  • Brambles

  • Clue number two

    Just for you: Round two of I spy… any guesses, dear readers, at what I’m describing?

  • I spy…

    with my little eye: What am I describing, dear readers??

  • Details

    Recently, I took a long walk around my neighborhood and down to the beach. I love where I live right now because of the proximity to the water. Often times after a hard week, a long stroll by the water is just what the doctor ordered to soothe your aching body and mind. While crossing…

  • Lush

    For the last few days, I’ve kept this picture floating about my desk so that I’d trip over it again and again. I love the saturated and summery color palette captured in this snapshot from the other weekend and keep yearning to return to my favorite spot at the beach…

  • Contemporary Trends

    I was reading the the New York Times today, and one article in particular caught my attention. The article gave a brief exploration of the current trend in naming colors after foods. It was only a few paragraphs before I found myself thinking of Patrick Jordan’s Supertrends concept and lecture(s). This article on food-colored cars…