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  • Wmotd, Week 16

    I like to walk. A lot. I like to hike in the woods but also explore the cityscapes on long urban walkabouts. I used to always have headphones on when walking but these days I mix it up— sometimes with headphones, sometimes without simply enjoying the environmental soundtrack. What do I listen to while I…

  • Traveling through the snow

    Even though the books are long since published, and the movie(s) shot by two different directors in two different languages, I still can’t help but like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (aka Män Som Hatar Kvinnor) and the soundtrack produced for the American movie version directed by David Fincher. There’s something about the album…

  • Better late than never…

    After what feels like forever, the last few portraits from the 2011 daily365 portrait project have been tidied and assembled into a summary movie just like last year; better late than never, right? Without further ado, here it is: Just watching this makes me tired! After over 800 portraits from the last few years, it’s…

  • Industrial Revolutions

    After what feels like the last eight months of obsessing a bit too much about work, sometimes it’s hard to remember just how to make yourself smile. Tonight, catching up on literally thousands of unread articles I found this beautiful short of Danny MacAskill exploring an old ironworks. Gorgeous, inspiring and a genuine delight to…

  • Here for Good

    For those who attended the 99% Conference a few weeks ago in New York, got a preview of stills from most of this commercial; but now that it’s be released to the public, we can all enjoy it: What do you think, dear readers? Can a bank really stand for something? Would you do business…

  • iPawd

    Finally, the perfect use for an iPad:

  • Exit Through the Gift Shop

    Next week holds the promise of the US release of the first film by Banksy. Last week, an extended teaser for the film was released which begins to outline Thierry Guetta’s (aka Mr. Brainwash) pursuit of the mysterious artist. Check it out: A list of venues and showtimes across the US is available on the…

  • Tips for Life: Robots

    Back by popular demand, another installment of tips for life. Enjoy!

  • The end of publishing?

    The end of print publishing? Or?? Watch and see:

  • Scintillation

    As a jump-start to the week, here is a gorgeous piece to get your creative juices flowing, dear readers:

  • Sherlock Holmes

    Have you seen Danny Yount’s titles for Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes? Wow! Read Art of the Title’s interview with Yount here and see the evolution of his work on this project as well as the full credits themselves. Image: Art of the Title

  • Brain Candy

    Today finds Charm City buried once again, in a blanket of sparkling white. The effect is beautiful, bewildering and even a little inspiring though at some point after hours of shoveling, the snow will become less than charming. In the meantime, here is a piece of visually stunning eye/brain candy straight from Japan for you,…

  • Tips for Life, Vol. 5: Workplace Safety

    You know, women workers can be surprisingly good producers…. And remember, this all boils down to four things: 1) Don’t mix pleasure with business 2) Women can be awfully jealous of one another 3) Avoid undue familiarity 4) Women are more sensitive than men This gives me flashbacks to Oakland…

  • Tips for Life, Vol. 4: Entertaining

  • Tips for Life, Vol. 3.: Dating

  • Tips for Life, Vol. 2b: Modern Popularity

    A modern version of the last film, narrated by Stephen Colbert:

  • Tips for Life, Vol. 2: Popularity

    Remember: Girls who park in cars, are not REALLY popular… and home, parents and personality ALL help boys and girls to be popular… really…

  • Tips for Life, Vol.1

    I drink a lot of tea and coffee, thus mugs are one of the items that tend to join me in my frequent travels; but I wasn’t always a mug user. Thanks to this handy instructional video, though I was able to master the delicate art of mug use and ownership:

  • Rusting on the vine

    It has always fascinated me how seemingly trivial things can trigger one’s memory on a dime and transport you to another time or place in an instant– hidden snapshots of one’s life peppered throughout our daily comings and goings. This morning, paying bills at my desk and watching the rain pour down, iTunes surprised me…

  • One of those days

    It’s just one of those days; we all have them– you wake up and the world feels grey and unwelcoming. You scuff around and feel sorry for yourself and maybe mope a little. Well today, I’m having one of those days. BUT instead of moping about like a fool when I feel like this, I…