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  • Type Oscars

    It may be almost a month before the Academy Awards, but Ellen Lupton has already posted her picks for the Oscars of Type. Personally I love her Best Serif pick: Which faces made your list, dear readers?

  • What type are you?

    Ever had that existential crisis where you lose sleep wondering what typeface truly exemplifies your creative spirit? I know I’ve long suffered the anguish of not knowing– am I Meta or Ma(n)son? Well, our collective prayers have been answered! The design sages at Pentagram have given us the quiz tool: what type are you? You…

  • Ode to Neutra

    Ever the type-geek, I couldn’t resist sharing this TERRIBLE (terribly AWESOME, that is) video parody: Kind of makes you want to grow a well-kept beard, n’est pas?

  • Cheese or Font

    For whatever reason, I’ve had a tendency over the last three years to avoid general silliness here on AmandaMuses; some of it can be chalked up to an attempt to keep my private self private and allow this site to serve as more of a public sketchbook related to my work. But for those who…