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  • A is for

    A is for…. you tell me.

  • Pressed

    A few snaps from Golden, Colorado a while back. Old license plates baking in the mile high, golden sun.

  • Sometimes you just feel…

    This year has felt brutal in places and the last few days/weeks have been pretty intense (that’s not to say there haven’t been some highlights too but it’s been hard to get them to outshine the negative at times). Tomorrow is a new week though and in a month it will be a new year.…

  • Service

    Found this little plaque on the side of an old train car. It’s not the most beautiful piece of type, but it caught my eye none the less.

  • Up close

  • Engraved

    Would love to know what was hidden under the paper-y residue on the rest of this engraved brass plate. And a few textures from Copenhagen:

  • House

    The last time I was in Copenhagen it was very gloomy and on a walk around town this sign caught my eye. Without realizing it at the time, it seems I also snapped a bit of a self-portrait while trying to capture this lovely type.

  • F

    While sorting photos recently, it struck me that I have unwittingly amassed a collection of photos of the letter ‘F.’ Strange, really. Here are a few: I think I like this second to last one the best.

  • Valve

    Kinda wish this metal plate was located on the side of my building— the rhythm of letterforms and the moody color gradient are so simple and pleasant.

  • Fuel

    Sleep patterns always seem to get erratic when the seasons change and with that energy levels can fluctuate too. Today, I could do with a little more energy so this picture seemed rather appropriate. Found it the other day while exploring a train yard. Update: Like this photo? Now it’s available as a matted archival…

  • Forgotten ‘A’

    Had forgotten about this lovely little ‘A’ I photographed a while ago. The contrast of color makes me smile.

  • B&O

    Lately I’ve been catching myself noticing bits and pieces of numbers and letterforms as I go through my day more often than usual. I’ll be walking to catch a train into town or to meet a friend and a peeling sign will catch my eye, or utility work stencils or some such. If you follow…

  • In

    Here’s another from my unpublished files… I have no idea why it’s taken me so long to share these with you, dear readers. How was your weekend, readers?

  • A-B Sorting

    For some reason, today I decided to start sorting and moving old files from a local drive to a backup. And since I am the visual sort, it is inevitable that I end up looking through folder after folder of old images. This will probably mean a flurry of posts featuring some of what I…

  • 527 Raw

    I may not approve of wearing fur, but there’s something about the layered type in this old sign that caught my eye. Tripping over finds like this in my travels always makes me smile.

  • Layers

    Maybe it’s wanderlust, or maybe it’s just the winter but on an overcast day like today, I could use a little color. Last year I managed to travel quite a bit and made a a few trips down to New Orleans where I took this picture. There’s something about the layered letterforms and deteriorating colors…

  • Midwest

    One sunny morning while exploring, I came across this little fella… I thought he was pretty charming. What do you think?

  • A quick ‘Hello’

    The last few weeks have been a blur of work, travel and a healthy dose of stress. Even so, I’ve been generating new work and at long last am happy to share some of it with you, dear readers. Before the rain blew in this weekend, I went on a long walkabout and had a…

  • Hopeless

    Misery is such a hopeless romantic… I guess we’re all hopeless romantics at heart… Happy (early) Valentines Day, folks.

  • Postcards from New York

    More from New York…TriBeCa, Greenwich Village and the Brooklyn Bridge (in no particular order)…