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  • Limbo

    Founded in 2006 by Arnt Jensen and Dino Patti, Copenhagen-based Playdead is an independent game studio. Due for release this August, LIMBO is their first production. The original concept trailer for Limbo from 2006: Game trailer: I love the atmospheric quality and moodiness of their simple, almost dreamy artwork. And here’s the in-game teaser:

  • Cheese or Font

    For whatever reason, I’ve had a tendency over the last three years to avoid general silliness here on AmandaMuses; some of it can be chalked up to an attempt to keep my private self private and allow this site to serve as more of a public sketchbook related to my work. But for those who…

  • I spy an answer…

    to the game of ‘I spy’: a train! Did you guess the answer, dear readers?

  • I spy a portrait

    Since none of you, dear readers, have correctly guessed what I’m describing in the ongoing game of I Spy, today’s portrait is a clue in the game as well:

  • Clue number two

    Just for you: Round two of I spy… any guesses, dear readers, at what I’m describing?

  • I spy…

    with my little eye: What am I describing, dear readers??