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Founded in 2006 by Arnt Jensen and Dino Patti, Copenhagen-based Playdead is an independent game studio. Due for release this August, LIMBO is their first production.

The original concept trailer for Limbo from 2006:

Game trailer:
I love the atmospheric quality and moodiness of their simple, almost dreamy artwork.

And here’s the in-game teaser:

For whatever reason, I’ve had a tendency over the last three years to avoid general silliness here on AmandaMuses; some of it can be chalked up to an attempt to keep my private self private and allow this site to serve as more of a public sketchbook related to my work. But for those who know me in real life, the absence of general humor on this Web site has seemed a little odd (some of you have even told me so), since in reality I can be a fairly silly person when socializing with loved ones. Well today, marks a concerted effort to serve the public demand for fun:

Recently, I came across a totally random but clever time-waster– Cheese or Font. Combining the loves of typography AND cheese, Cheese or Font challenges your knowledge of fine fonts and fromage.

So how well do YOU know your cheeses and fonts, dear readers?

to the game of ‘I spy’:


a train!

Did you guess the answer, dear readers?

Since none of you, dear readers, have correctly guessed what I’m describing in the ongoing game of I Spy, today’s portrait is a clue in the game as well:


Just for you:





Round two of I spy… any guesses, dear readers, at what I’m describing?

I spy…

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with my little eye:






What am I describing, dear readers??