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  • Leafy Greens

    Summer is drawing to a close (in theory at least), kids are back in school and magazines, stores and cafes are all beginning to hint at the coming transition to fall. Even so, it still feels and looks pretty darn summery here in Baltimore …and summer in Baltimore means jungle-esque (hot, humid and very, VERY…

  • Back to Earth

    Earlier this year I went on a trip that took me far across the globe. Since my return, it’s been a whirlwind of activity everywhere, it seems, but here. But finally, FINALLY, I’m coming back to the photo- and art-related work that’s been left off since my trip. I’ve already shared a photo or two…

  • Sun on your shoulder

    Last month, this was part of my view. It’s been a few busy weeks since then and about time (overdue, really) to start sharing pictures, I think…especially after torrential rains for the last two days! More soon…

  • Ahead

    This weekend in America we moved clocks ahead an hour. This generally means the following Monday is full of zombies disoriented and exhausted by what shouldn’t be a big deal but for some reason our bodies just can’t deal with it. Anyway, it’s a new week and at least around here, a sunny-ish one to…

  • Bare

    The last few days I’ve been fighting back a cold and also trying to wrangle what seemed like acres of leaves. I will admit to coming up short, the leaves always win (though at least I’m feeling mostly better). And as the month zooms by and the wind picks up, the tress are starting to…

  • Autumn

    It’s hard to believe, but today it was warm and sunny enough to be driving around town with the windows down. Even though it’s November, Baltimore is, as usual, somewhat reluctant to admit that it’s fall and that winter will be on the way soon enough. The leaves are still hanging on though. And some…

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    I’ve been inside for most of the day editing, ironically, images of the beautiful autumn colors outside. Here are just a few: Couldn’t resist the abruptness of the last image in contrast to the other four.

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