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  • 6 years ago today…

    …I was in Stockholm attending an opening with one of my neighbors. We were there to see a piece of my work on exhibition, one which earned me an award that night. The evening was freezing and strangely solemn but there was champagne and a few laughs –not too shabby, really. Time flies…

  • Postcards from the holidays

    This year brought friends and loved ones from far, far away to share in the holiday festivities. Christmas owl My neighbors are a little into the holidays…

  • Surprise

    Came home after a long, LONG day to a complete surprise: Feeling very lucky…. and loVed..

  • Mr. X

    I met one of my new-ish neighbors a few weeks ago… He’s very nice, but rather secretive… and told me later that he’s in the witness protection program…

  • Saturday

    I haven’t shot anything in weeks, months even… which makes me rather sad. I have a feeling the dry spell will soon end. A few shots from yesterday:

  • Don’t Stop

    Despite unrelenting rain for the last few days, I’ve been in a pretty great mood lately, yesterday especially. But today, a warm, glorious sunny day, I’m feeling blah–seems I’ve strained my upbeat muscle(s). So, I’m trying to perk up with music in the form of a fairly ridiculous and silly playlist this afternoon. Among the…

  • Tips for Life: Robots

    Back by popular demand, another installment of tips for life. Enjoy!

  • Hardware Failure

    This morning has brought hardware difficulties to my studio which prevent digital work from being undertaken until repairs can be made. As a result, AmandaMuses will not likely see many updates during that time. Stay tuned, folks….

  • Valentine’s Day

    So it’s Valentines Day, for those who celebrate the occasion… Can’t say I’m the biggest romantic– I gravitate towards the Baudelaire and Poe end of the spectrum versus the Keats and Byron end. Even so I enjoy thoughtful observances of the day whether experienced first hand or not–it is a shame really that we need…

  • Tips for Life, Vol. 4: Entertaining

  • Tips for Life, Vol. 3.: Dating

  • Tips for Life, Vol. 2b: Modern Popularity

    A modern version of the last film, narrated by Stephen Colbert:

  • Tips for Life, Vol.1

    I drink a lot of tea and coffee, thus mugs are one of the items that tend to join me in my frequent travels; but I wasn’t always a mug user. Thanks to this handy instructional video, though I was able to master the delicate art of mug use and ownership:

  • The fast life

    Ever wanted to fast forward life? How about eight years in about two minutes: In this short video, JK Keller flips through eight years worth of daily self-portraits. The static images from his daily photo project can be viewed here on his website.

  • Day 21–A year ago

    I took this shot of myself a year ago today when I lived in Oakland, California. A lot, thank goodness, has changed since then… not the least of which is my cyborg eye shrinking back to its normal humanoid size…

  • Day 20–Stupid Day

    What a stupid day! Seriously! Was it 1995 today, I didn’t check my calendar? Did I suddenly switch back to enjoying the blazing fast speed of a 14.4 modem?! I can’t remember– I forgot where I was while watching a simple ZIP archive (AH file, as in ONE) of press-ready files upload for HALF A…

  • Rusting on the vine

    It has always fascinated me how seemingly trivial things can trigger one’s memory on a dime and transport you to another time or place in an instant– hidden snapshots of one’s life peppered throughout our daily comings and goings. This morning, paying bills at my desk and watching the rain pour down, iTunes surprised me…

  • One of those days

    It’s just one of those days; we all have them– you wake up and the world feels grey and unwelcoming. You scuff around and feel sorry for yourself and maybe mope a little. Well today, I’m having one of those days. BUT instead of moping about like a fool when I feel like this, I…

  • A Day in the life

    With the new year upon us, now seemed like an appropriate moment to share this short film: Forever’s Not So Long, by Shawn Morrison and Garrett Murray How would you want things to end?

  • Errands

    Even when I’m out running errands, I end up working. See? Working while trying to take a break isn’t really such a terrible thing, mind you… Do you have a hard time turning off your work brain, dear readers?