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  • Postcards from London, vol. 2; Textures

  • Postcards from London, vol. 3; Misc.

    A few more from my recent trip to London: Love this piece by ROA!

  • Postcards from London, vol. 1; Letterforms

    I’ve been doing a bit of traveling again, recently. Last week I was away at a conference and this weekend I find myself in London. Finally, I’m picking up the camera again, mostly for quick snapshots or to record fragments of ideas; even so it feels good. Here are a few snaps from the last…

  • Art Rock

    A brief video of the current installation at the Barbican in London by French artist Céleste Boursier-Mougenot which explores the unexpected rhythms of daily life.

  • Paradoxymoron

    I tweeted about this months ago but somehow overlooked sharing this wonderfully fun artwork here. On display at the British Library in London is a painting by British artist, Patrick Hughes: Beautiful!

  • Alexander McQueen

    The passing and loss of (Lee) Alexander McQueen today is beyond description. There is nothing I can say that has not already been said, I did not know him but I loved his work. Here are a few of the write-ups in the papers and some of his work that has inspired me over the…

  • Heal the Sick

    Earlier this weekend, a reader sent me this photo they snapped on a recent trip to London: They were amused by the odd mission statements or promises of the institution, and thought I might agree that perhaps their aim to “Raise the Dead” was at best inspiring, if a bit creepy.

  • Liminal