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Between the wind and frigid temperatures, this time of year can be hard on one’s skin. Looking through unpublished photos, I couldn’t help but think of the winter’s harsh effect on skin when I spotted these:

Untitled | AmandaMuses

Untitled | AmandaMuses

Untitled | AmandaMuses

Untitled | AmandaMuses

Hope you’re all keeping warm and well-hydrated wherever you are.


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There’s something about this photo, I don’t know what it is. I guess it’s the colors; their combination and proportions. Perhaps they remind me of Vincent Van Gogh’s work while he was in Arles. One of his variations of Augustine Roulin as ‘La Berceuse‘ (1, 2,3, 4)? Or maybe Crab on its back?’Or maybe one of his self-portraits? Maybe I’m completely off base with Van Gogh. Perhaps its Little Jerry from Sesame street? I don’t know, what do you guys think? Does this color palette remind you of anything? Just curious.

Untitled by AmandaMuses

Update: Like this photo? Now it’s available as a matted archival print here in my Etsy shop.

While tidying hard drives and sorting through hundreds of unpublished photos, it’s not unusual to come across themes in the images that have, until then, gone unnoticed. The theme that struck me this weekend? Drips of paint…

Here are some I found on a Swedish farm…
Green Drops

Red drops

Barn texture

And in a train yard…
Sunny drip

…Some in London…
London Drips

By the harbor…
Green Splotch

…By a steel mill…