Tag: painting

  • Paradoxymoron

    I tweeted about this months ago but somehow overlooked sharing this wonderfully fun artwork here. On display at the British Library in London is a painting by British artist, Patrick Hughes: Beautiful!

  • Lucy McLauchlan

    While I’m on the subject of artists whose work gets my creative tail wagging this week, these videos of Lucy McLauchlan working just blow my mind. It makes me want to lock myself in an empty room with a gallon of paint or ink and have at it; though somehow I doubt the results would…

  • She One

    Lately, I’ve been generating increasingly more work after having lapsed into a brief creative coma of sort earlier this year. As I shake off the creative cobwebs and jitters, I feel more compelled to work and tend to have more ideas than I can make good on or even record or realize. Typically, when I…

  • Combo

    Watching this video leaves me dumbfounded– the amount of work and artistry that went in to this collaborative production is just incredible. Take a look at this piece created by Blu and David Ellis at the Fame Festival earlier this fall in Italy. COMBO a collaborative animation by Blu and David Ellis (2 times loop)…