Tag: purple

  • Sunnyside up

    A few more from my trip earlier in the spring. The flowers and plant life on the island were incredible and just so lush. I sort of love how the water from a morning rain trapped in the center of the above flower looks almost like an egg yolk.

  • Bruise

    Have to admit that the colors in this remind me of the shades of blue and purple one gets from a really bad bruise (think of a real zinger from sliding in baseball, maybe like the one in ‘A League of Their Own‘). Or perhaps a field of lupine. How’s everyone’s week so far? Update:…

  • Springy

    Kind of in love with this springy combination of colors and the subtle textures in this photograph. Maybe I’m nuts, but rotting machinery can be so strangely beautiful.

  • Jungle

    Not all that long ago, I found myself in a tropical jungle… Ok, maybe not…But the sun was hot, the air was humid and boy were the plants pretty…