Tag: rainbow

  • Crazy

    Crazy about the colors I caught in this photo. It was such a dark, overcast day full of downpours so capturing this makes getting soaked pretty worth it. How’s your week going, folks? Update: Like this photo? Now it’s available as a matted archival print here in my Etsy shop. It’s also available printed on…

  • Wet Rainbow

    Pleasantly surprised this shot came out. At this point in the afternoon, it was raining so hard I was having trouble seeing and had to keep wiping off my lens.

  • Rainbow

    Some days you just need a rainbow. A little color to perk you up and brighten your day. Today, I need a rainbow. And this is my idea of a beautiful, rainbow-y thing. Not a field of daisies or a pink cosmopolitan or a wiggly little puppy. Nope. Oily old machinery on a rainy day…