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  • Tips for Life, Vol.1

    I drink a lot of tea and coffee, thus mugs are one of the items that tend to join me in my frequent travels; but I wasn’t always a mug user. Thanks to this handy instructional video, though I was able to master the delicate art of mug use and ownership:

  • Nice Tray

    Oh Pee-wee, how I’ve missed you: Pee-wee Gets An iPad! from Pee-wee Herman Personally, I’m pretty satisfied with my MBP and iPad Nano so far, but we shall see…

  • Cheese or Font

    For whatever reason, I’ve had a tendency over the last three years to avoid general silliness here on AmandaMuses; some of it can be chalked up to an attempt to keep my private self private and allow this site to serve as more of a public sketchbook related to my work. But for those who…