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  • Pax

    If you’re tuning in from America, or keep up on US current events, you’re probably aware of a massive winter storm bearing down on the east coast at the moment. Last night the storm blew into town, dumping close to a foot of snow in my neighborhood in about 12 hours. The snow drifts on…

  • Salt

    It’s turning out to be a cold winter for a change and while we’ve had some snow from a few storms, I’m still hoping for more. And in America, where there is snow, there is often salt. A while ago I was driving through the mountains in a snow storm. Sometimes even crummy roads and…

  • Traveling through the snow

    Even though the books are long since published, and the movie(s) shot by two different directors in two different languages, I still can’t help but like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (aka Män Som Hatar Kvinnor) and the soundtrack produced for the American movie version directed by David Fincher. There’s something about the album…

  • Winter

    It’s not often that I miss living out west (see also: the Rockies), since in general I am a coastal creature. But this time of year when my mountain state friends start to post pictures of heaps of snow or other more traditional winter-y scenes, I start to miss those Rockies a little:

  • Thunder Snow

    Today has been a grab bag of strange weather with an evening of thunder snow, sleet and freezing rain.. it’s snowing like no one’s business at the moment… Even so, it’s lovely. Hope you’re staying warm wherever you are, dear readers…

  • Things that got me through Snowpocalypse 2 and 3

    Atlas Snowshoes–with ~4′ of snow on the ground, these are almost a necessity Keen boots–without a good pair of boots, snowshoes aren’t much use Under Armour base layers–keep warm and dry no matter how wet you get in the snow Design House Stockholm pleece–warm and snuggly North Face WindWall–keeps the wind out and adds a…

  • More Postcards from the Last Snowpocalypse

    With Snowpocalypse 3 (THREE?!) raging outside my window, I suppose now is as a good a time as any to share a few more pictures from Snowpocalypse 2:

  • Postcards from Snowpocalypse 2, Saturday

  • Shoveling

    Unless you live under a rock or more likely, are one of my readers from abroad you might not know that this weekend brought Baltimore an historic blizzard. So this afternoon once the snow had stopped, I helped my family dig out. My mum was kind enough to supply the following video of my father…

  • Brain Candy

    Today finds Charm City buried once again, in a blanket of sparkling white. The effect is beautiful, bewildering and even a little inspiring though at some point after hours of shoveling, the snow will become less than charming. In the meantime, here is a piece of visually stunning eye/brain candy straight from Japan for you,…

  • Jul

    How are YOU celebrating the holidays, dear readers?

  • Textures from the snow

  • The Winter Coat

    Years ago, I found this coat. It is more of a piece of artwork than it is a wardrobe item: What keeps you warm this time of year, dear readers?

  • The Front Yard

  • Postcards from the snow

  • Nowhere fast

    Last night brought a snowstorm the likes of which the City has not seen in years… in ’96 I spent a week snowed in during the big storm… today does not look much different, except the snow keeps coming so much faster I live close to a state highway, here it is this afternoon– so…

  • Postcards from the Road

  • Believe…

    in an ocean of possibilities… Images: me