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  • Pax

    If you’re tuning in from America, or keep up on US current events, you’re probably aware of a massive winter storm bearing down on the east coast at the moment. Last night the storm blew into town, dumping close to a foot of snow in my neighborhood in about 12 hours. The snow drifts on…

  • Storm Reporting

    Hey Baltimore, MD and East Coast– We made the news (not surprisingly) in Sweden: View on SVT’s site, just in case View on SVT’s Site Schysst!

  • Waiting for the storm..

    By now, you’ve probably already heard about the massive storm, Hurricane Sandy, also dubbed Frankenstorm winding its way along the Atlantic coast at the moment. For most of the day my neighborhood, usually a bustling mix of residences and local businesses, has been eerily empty. The rain has been falling steadily for a few hours…

  • Summer Storm

    We’ve been experiencing record breaking high temperatures… which is actually nice–the streets aren’t too crowded and everyone slows down. The other pleasant side effect is the inevitable thunderstorms that roll in after the heat wave…

  • Nowhere fast

    Last night brought a snowstorm the likes of which the City has not seen in years… in ’96 I spent a week snowed in during the big storm… today does not look much different, except the snow keeps coming so much faster I live close to a state highway, here it is this afternoon– so…

  • Postcards from the Road

  • After the storm

    Thunderstorms seemed to clear my head.. for a few hours at least