Tag: textures

  • Spotty

    Had forgotten about this photo and then came across it again this afternoon. Not sure why I never posted this but here it is now.

  • Ye11ow

    At least one person I care about really loves the color yellow. So here is a collection of a few yellows I’ve come across, just for them:

  • Textures

    Have been feeling colorful lately and enjoying combinations of colors I wouldn’t necessarily expect to like. Here are a few examples that fit that description— pinks and yellows paired with cold lavender-y blues that remind me of medicine or detergent.

  • Salt

    It’s turning out to be a cold winter for a change and while we’ve had some snow from a few storms, I’m still hoping for more. And in America, where there is snow, there is often salt. A while ago I was driving through the mountains in a snow storm. Sometimes even crummy roads and…

  • Cracked & Peeling

    Between the wind and frigid temperatures, this time of year can be hard on one’s skin. Looking through unpublished photos, I couldn’t help but think of the winter’s harsh effect on skin when I spotted these: Hope you’re all keeping warm and well-hydrated wherever you are.

  • Print All Over Me

    Ever wished you could wear my photos? Well now you can thanks to Print All Over Me. At the moment, there are a handful of product options (T-shirts, sweats, pillows,etc) but I’ve applied a few of my photos to the products that struck me as most useful. I’m pretty eager to see what the scarves,…

  • Freezing rain

    It’s been another bonkers week and as is becoming a habit of late, my focus has not be on blogging, unfortunately. So it goes. On the upside, things seem to be settling down. And today it snowed for hours (the first snow of the year) which makes this northerner happy. We’ll see what next week…

  • Sometimes you just feel…

    This year has felt brutal in places and the last few days/weeks have been pretty intense (that’s not to say there haven’t been some highlights too but it’s been hard to get them to outshine the negative at times). Tomorrow is a new week though and in a month it will be a new year.…

  • DK textures

    Even though I took these pictures on an overcast, drizzly day, the color palettes captured here feel warm and sunny. A little summer-y even.

  • Vandring

    A few more from my last walkabout through Copenhagen. The building in the second picture was under construction when I snapped these, wonder how it looks now.

  • Engraved

    Would love to know what was hidden under the paper-y residue on the rest of this engraved brass plate. And a few textures from Copenhagen:

  • Beetle wings

    Can’t help but thinking of jewel beetles when I look through these images. Took these a few years ago in a railyard and am a little stunned they’ve just been collecting dust in a folder until now.

  • F

    While sorting photos recently, it struck me that I have unwittingly amassed a collection of photos of the letter ‘F.’ Strange, really. Here are a few: I think I like this second to last one the best.

  • Petroglyph

    Oftentimes when I’m shooting pictures of old trains or rusted machinery or digging through oily machine shops, I find unusual marks or symbols on some of the components. While some of the symbols are signs to precaution mechanics or obvious makers marks, some prove to be inscrutable seemingly more ancient petroglyph than anything else. Here’s…

  • Bruise

    Have to admit that the colors in this remind me of the shades of blue and purple one gets from a really bad bruise (think of a real zinger from sliding in baseball, maybe like the one in ‘A League of Their Own‘). Or perhaps a field of lupine. How’s everyone’s week so far? Update:…

  • Weekend

    This week (and month, really) fleeeew by! Hope everyone had a fun, safe Halloween and is off to a great weekend!

  • BlÃ¥

    Another rainy morning makes me think of blue still more despite the warm golds and oranges of the fallen leaves.

  • Geometric details

    There’s something rather pleasing about the geometric shapes of this train hardware. Usually it’s the colors or textures of old machinery that catches my attention but in this case I think it was the shapes.

  • Drips

    Rather happy with how this shot captures the essence of rain. Or is it oil? Update: Like this photo? It is now available as an archival matted print in my Etsy shop. It’s also available printed on shirts, pillows & totes here on Print All Over Me and on a few other products from Society6.

  • Cold values

    I keep finding myself drawn to blue values and cold palettes without meaning to lately. See what I mean? How about you guys, have you found yourselves drawn to any particular colors lately?