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  • A is for

    A is for…. you tell me.

  • Lights

    Still busy, busy for the next few days. Saw these lights earlier though and couldn’t help but smile. Aren’t they pleasant?

  • Cracked & Peeling

    Between the wind and frigid temperatures, this time of year can be hard on one’s skin. Looking through unpublished photos, I couldn’t help but think of the winter’s harsh effect on skin when I spotted these: Hope you’re all keeping warm and well-hydrated wherever you are.

  • Petroglyph

    Oftentimes when I’m shooting pictures of old trains or rusted machinery or digging through oily machine shops, I find unusual marks or symbols on some of the components. While some of the symbols are signs to precaution mechanics or obvious makers marks, some prove to be inscrutable seemingly more ancient petroglyph than anything else. Here’s…

  • Spray paint

    This photo has been resting in a folder on my hard drive longer than I care to admit, even so I still like the contrast of colors and the drip of paint frozen in place.