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  • Wmotd, Week 52

    This year seems to have flown by…. it’s hard to say 2014 has been a great year given all the tragic news stories worldwide. It feels safe to say that 2014 has been, if nothing else, good n’ weird. Since it’s the last Friday of this weird year, here’s one last installment of “weird music…

  • Wmotd, Week 51

    It’s not even Christmas yet, let alone New Year’s Eve, but let’s admit it, this song is a good listen any time of year. New Year’s Prayer by Jeff Buckley

  • Wmotd, Week 50

    Mental Strain at Dawn by Jack Purvis

  • Wmotd, Week 49

    Emmma Donovan and the PutBacks from Melbourne

  • Wmotd, Week 48

    Haglél by Mugison You can buy/download the whole album from Bandcamp here.

  • Wmotd, Week 47

    Spoonful by Howlin’ Wolf

  • Wmotd, Week 46

    So this week I wanted to share this remix of I miss you by Bjork but honestly the original video directed by John Kricfalusi is more interesting visually.

  • Wmotd, Week 45

    Ok.. so I like the main riff of this song, but the Theremin-y/whistle-y shrill bit(s)? Not so much. Even so, thought it was close enough to share… It’s the sort of track I might listen to on one of my long walks in an attempt to slow down my usually (very) brisk pace. Shapeshifter Blues…

  • Wmotd, Week 44

    Halloween calls for something a little different.. a little silly. At least if you ask me. Car Wash by the Easy Virtue Orchestra

  • Wmotd, Week 43

    Peculiar Fascination by Yasume

  • Wmotd, Week 41

    It’s 10/10..Have a lucky day…. Or perhaps you’d prefer the album version of this song…

  • Wmotd, Week 40

    Tomorrow night, Baltimore’s own Bosley will be playing at the Mobtown Ballroom. Live music and dancing, you can’t go wrong.

  • Wmotd, Week 39

    Tripped over this group late one night while surfing among public radio stations and thought their music was a nice change from what I’ve been listening to recently and that’s why I’m sharing it with you today, dear readers. How about you? What have you been listening to lately? The 442s by The 442s

  • Wmotd, Week 38

    Was digging through stacks of music I hadn’t listened to in a long while and uncovered, among other things, an album by the Ditty Bops.. It sounds like fun music for a warm night outside laughing friends, doesn’t it? Wishful Thinking by The Ditty Bops

  • Wmotd, Week 37

    Glory by Wye Oak

  • Wmotd, Week 36

    A friend turned me on to this group recently… the jury is still out for me about their sound, but still wanted to share their music with a broader audience. Cold Steps by Professor Professor

  • Wmotd, Week 35

    When I lived in Colorado, I discovered DeVotchKa. They were one of the cooler local bands in the area in my book. I like this song and find that most people have a hard time sitting still while listening to it (which is good, if you ask me). As such, I wanted to share a…

  • Wmotd, Week 34

    This song reminds me of a number of things, but most strongly late fall/early winter in Göteborg where I listened to this album quite a bit. This recording is much newer than the original but still pleasant in my opinion and today I could use some optimism.

  • Wmotd, Week 33

    I’se a Muggin by Django Rheinhardt

  • Wmotd, Week 32

    I haven’t heard this song in YEARS and then suddenly today while writing, it popped up while I had my music library playing on shuffle. Sounds like autumn or winter to me, but maybe that’s why I like this song… Sunny Road by Emiliana Torrini