Tag: yellow

  • Sunnyside up

    A few more from my trip earlier in the spring. The flowers and plant life on the island were incredible and just so lush. I sort of love how the water from a morning rain trapped in the center of the above flower looks almost like an egg yolk.

  • Ye11ow

    At least one person I care about really loves the color yellow. So here is a collection of a few yellows I’ve come across, just for them:

  • Shadows

    Amazing the things you trip over when you stop or slow down for a moment. Sort of in love with this shot of the shadows on my window during a recent road trip.

  • Blur

    The flash of colors in these outakes make me think of blue and yellow macaws flapping by. There used to be an antique store by the harbor with such a parrot who greeted visitors at the door. These days, the shop has moved to Maine and the parrot is now a green wing, but I’m…

  • Springy

    Kind of in love with this springy combination of colors and the subtle textures in this photograph. Maybe I’m nuts, but rotting machinery can be so strangely beautiful.

  • Day 22–Fragment