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Sunnyside up

20/08/2014 — Leave a comment

A few more from my trip earlier in the spring. The flowers and plant life on the island were incredible and just so lush.

Bali Lotus | AmandaMuses I sort of love how the water from a morning rain trapped in the center of the above flower looks almost like an egg yolk.

Lotus | AmandaMuses


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At least one person I care about really loves the color yellow. So here is a collection of a few yellows I’ve come across, just for them:

Yellow | AmandaMuses

Yellow | AmandaMuses

Yellow | AmandaMuses


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Amazing the things you trip over when you stop or slow down for a moment. Sort of in love with this shot of the shadows on my window during a recent road trip.

Untitled | AmandaMuses


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The flash of colors in these outakes make me think of blue and yellow macaws flapping by. There used to be an antique store by the harbor with such a parrot who greeted visitors at the door. These days, the shop has moved to Maine and the parrot is now a green wing, but I’m sure it’s still a treasure trove of dusty wonders.

Untitled by AmandaMuses

Untitled by AmandaMuses


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Kind of in love with this springy combination of colors and the subtle textures in this photograph. Maybe I’m nuts, but rotting machinery can be so strangely beautiful.

Untitled by AmandaMuses

Day 22