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Day 31.3

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One month down, eleven more to go! It’s tempting to just keep doing more portraits for the another month of Daily365 exercises because it’s easy, but it’s probably also boring to see photo illustrations all the time. What do you guys think?

Day 31 | AmandaMuses

Wmotd, Week 5

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This week seemed to simultaneously zoom and crawl. Either way it’s Friday which means, among other things, that it’s time to share another piece of music. This song always makes me think of riding the train for some reason.

Swingtime in the Rockies by Benny Goodman

Day 30.3

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Day 30 | AmandaMuses

Day 29.3

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Day 29 | AmandaMuses


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At least one person I care about really loves the color yellow. So here is a collection of a few yellows I’ve come across, just for them:

Yellow | AmandaMuses

Yellow | AmandaMuses

Yellow | AmandaMuses

Day 28.3

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Day 28 | AmandaMuses


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Have been feeling colorful lately and enjoying combinations of colors I wouldn’t necessarily expect to like. Here are a few examples that fit that description— pinks and yellows paired with cold lavender-y blues that remind me of medicine or detergent.

Untitled by AmandaMuses

Untitled | AmandaMuses

Untitled by AmandaMuses

Day 27.3

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Day 27 | AmandaMuses

Day 26.3

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Day 26 | AmandaMuses

Day 25.3

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Day 25 | AmandaMuses

Day 24.3

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Day 24 | AmandaMuses


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I’m not really a pink person, but in the right context, it can be rather nice, I think.

Untitled | AmandaMuses

Untitled | AmandaMuses

Untitled | AmandaMuses

Wmotd, Week 4

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Feeling pretty blah today after a weird week. So here’s a little music to shake up your afternoon.

Always Alright by Alabama Shakes

By the way, on Sunday we’ll find out if these guys win a Grammy for their performance of this song for the Silver Linings Playbook soundtrack.

Day 23.3

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Day 23 | AmandaMuses


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Amazing the things you trip over when you stop or slow down for a moment. Sort of in love with this shot of the shadows on my window during a recent road trip.

Untitled | AmandaMuses

Day 22.3

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Day 22 | AmandaMuses

Day 21.3

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Super snowy today. Yay!
Day 21 | AmandaMuses

Day 20.3

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Day 20 | AmandaMuses

Day 19.3

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Day 19 | AmandaMuses

Day 18.3

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Day 18 | AmandaMuses