Design-a-day 365

Last month, Smashing Magazine ran a post that challenged its readers to design something everyday. Today, I came across the author’s a follow-up post on Design Informer and wanted to pass on the challenge to you, dear readers.

I dare you all to create something everyday for the next year, regardless of your skill sets, day jobs or personal passions. I challenge you to take fifteen or twenty minutes everyday to make something unique and meaningful everyday for the next three hundred and sixty-five days.

The author behind the original post, Jad Limcaco, will be posting his results on a new section of his site called Daily 365. Others are joining in on the challenge and blogging about it too; here are a few of those folks:

My own semi-daily portrait exercise from last year will continue throughout this year’s challenge but I hope Jad’s challenge will encourage me to do still more daily exercises. If you want to post your own challenge results online, use the #daily365 tag so other challenge takes can follow your progress and cheer you along.






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