Day 365

31/12/2010 — 4 Comments

Day 365

That’s it, dear readers–a full year of daily portraits! What did you think? Did you undertake a daily365 project of you own this past year? Did you finish the project? Or did you find it difficult to stick to a daily assignment? How about next year, will you take on a daily365 project in the new year?

And how about this project? Should I keep going for another year with the daily portrait? Or how about a new daily365? What should I do in 2011, dear readers? And how about you, what will YOU do in 2011??

4 responses to Day 365

  1. I look forward to and have greatly enjoyed following the daily updates on amandamuses, so I would love to see you continue. A saying or quotation that resonates, a lyric that fits the day, the birthdate or deathdate or significant event that occurred, the anniversary of something eventful, or something you observed that seemed noteworthy might all be threads to weave into a tapestry of musings. Keep sharing your remarkable talents.

  2. Hey there – we made it. I was just sifting through my Photo-a-day marveling that I made it and wondered what your last post was. I haven’t yet decided what to do for 2011 yet but I do know something different. The thing about a daily assignment like this is that it boxes you in a little. About half way through I found I wanted to deviate from the path but I couldn’t because I set boundaries. Is that good? I guess we learn from the boundaries and how much we want to break them. Happy new year! May it be a prosperous one.

  3. How about making a page-a-day calendar with a quote, fact or favorite lyric that matches the mood? That could be fun.

    I still haven’t come up with an idea for a daily thing. I’ve been wanting to for a while but never decided.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Awesome!

    Do you want to keep doing it? Or a variation of it?

    I tried a daily sketchblog in 2009, and while I do draw *almost* everyday, not very much needs/should be posted.

    I think I’d like to use my blog on a daily basis…food for thought.

    Keep it up! That’s my vote.

    Happy New Year!

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