As I mentioned in an earlier post, a lot of the time when I’m doing creative work (concepting/sketching, designing, doing post production on photos, etc) I like to do so with my headphones on (even when I’m alone). Each year as the season change and the weather grows cooler, I find myself drawn outside to longer walks through the neighborhood to explore. On some of those walks I find myself wearing headphones too.. There’s something about “turning off” one sense of the external world that helps sharpen the other senses’ observations of the world I’m exploring..

One of my favorite songs to listen to on a walkabout through town is DJ Krush’s klub remix of Meiso (originally by DJ Shadow):

Listening to this song takes me a lot of different places.. though very often it sends me to walks along the water in Gothenburg…

How about you, dear readers? Do you listen to music while exploring your hometown or a vacation spot? Do you have favorite songs that transport you on different travels?






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