A few weeks ago, I wrote about my increasing lack of written or personal blog content.

I explained briefly my reticence due to concerns about personal privacy (which seem to have gone to an unnecessary extreme), thought that it was time to get over it and share more and then asked somewhat rhetorically about people’s preference with regards to content (semi-personal writing versus image heavy).

Since then, several weeks have passed and beyond posting a collection of travel notes about Pittsburgh and ongoing daily image exercise posts, I really haven’t “gotten over it” and shared much personal content, have I? Lame. Extremely lame. I’m pointing this all out though because I’m not giving up on sharing more and I want the few of you who are still reading to know it. Since my comfort generally lies with imagery, I will probably lean toward image heavy postings at first, but I will try to make a concerted effort to actually open up more with you guys again. Sound good?

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