Ignite Baltimore 13

Last week I had the chance to enjoy the thirteenth installment of Ignite Baltimore, an ongoing lightning talk series. In case you missed the event, here are a few of the more memorable talks from the evening:

Paul Mathews‘ look at Baltimore’s historic Mt. Vernon neighborhood was a great crash course for newcomers and longtime Baltimore lovers alike:

Trevor Villet’s talk on Detroit and Baltimore:

Adam Ruben took a look at the public perception of science:

Possibly the most vigorously applauded of the evening was Catharine Robertson‘s talk about discovering details around her birth mother:

Another clever and well received talk was Brad Wray‘s look at how people choose to win benefits through cooperation or competition:

Tronster did a nice job of closing out the evening:

You can check out the full list of speakers on Ignite Baltimore’s website and watch videos of all of the speakers on their YouTube channel.





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