Into the Void

The autumn weather snapped finally, a pleasant enough change, but not so great for outdoor swimming. Instead, I’ve been enjoying the gym indoors for the last few weeks, switching things up and cranking the tunes while grinding away on equipment. It feels great (if exhausting) and allows me the same time to reflect that I get out of swimming (even if I miss out on the wind and sun on my arms).

But I found a solution to ease the indoor transition— a new playlist to keep myself happy and focused while kicking my butt at the gym. And while listening to this new playlist, a track came on that propelled me back in time. Back to brisk autumn weather in Göteborg and catching the morning train to get away to Stockholm for the weekend. This song brings it all back:

How about you? Do any songs propel you back in time or take you some place else? Which song(s) and where does it take you?






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