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Kite Runner

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Clearly I’ve missed out until recently when I saw the movie Kite Runner (based on the book of the same title by Khaled Hosseini). What drew me into the movie initially (since I will admit I’ve not read the book) were the titles by MK12 and their flowing whirl of dreamy watercolored calligraphy.

Lovely, right? So, what have you been watching lately guys? Seen any good movies?

Even though the books are long since published, and the movie(s) shot by two different directors in two different languages, I still can’t help but like The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (aka Män Som Hatar Kvinnor) and the soundtrack produced for the American movie version directed by David Fincher.

There’s something about the album that just sounds like winter and captures the ominous tone of much of the story’s plot line(s).

This track especially makes me think of traveling through the snow. I listen to this album sometimes on long drives (or while working in the studio) especially if it’s snowing (like the video below)…


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This year, thanks to Superstorm Sandy, Halloween festivities were rescheduled in my neighborhood. As it turned out, many adults celebrated in costume the weekend before the storm so this year we get to enjoy TWO Halloweens in Baltimore.

A few years ago, I posted other fun old cartoons that make me happy and remind me of Halloween. You can check them out here.

How about you, readers? Did you dress up for Halloween, carve pumpkins or take a little one trick-or-treating?

A while ago, I was traveling in New Orleans and stopped for brunch. It was a hot sunny day and we ended up in one of the French Quarter‘s hidden courtyards with flowering trees and a jazz trio. After a leisurely meal in the shade, I noticed the scratched walls of the passageways on the way back out into the sun.

Layers and layers of paint…
Scratched Wall

Scratched Wall

Scratched Wall

love notes..
Scratched Wall

As I was taking these photos, I couldn’t help but think of Saul Bass’ end titles for West Side Story.

I will admit I’m not the biggest fan of the movie or production in general, but I really appreciate the beautifully executed titles.

She was a hoot. A smart lady who blazed a trail for women.

Yesterday, Phyllis Diller died.

I did not know her personally or follow her movements too closely, yet when the news of her passing was announced on the radio, I shouted “No!”. I remember her from when I was a kid– her dry delivery and over-the-top look. The fact that she found her way onto Scooby Doo cemented her status as a star in my kid universe.

So long, Phyllis… thanks for the laughs and making it look easy.

After what feels like the last eight months of obsessing a bit too much about work, sometimes it’s hard to remember just how to make yourself smile. Tonight, catching up on literally thousands of unread articles I found this beautiful short of Danny MacAskill exploring an old ironworks. Gorgeous, inspiring and a genuine delight to watch:

(via Imaginary Foundation)

Here it is finally, dear readers–a summary video of last year’s daily365 portrait project. Many of you have asked for or inquired about it and my apologies for keeping you all waiting… the last few weeks have kept me busy with holiday celebrations and visitors.

What do you think, dear readers? Seeing a year’s worth of portraits alone in a few minutes just makes me tired to watch. Phew!

For those who attended the 99% Conference a few weeks ago in New York, got a preview of stills from most of this commercial; but now that it’s be released to the public, we can all enjoy it:

What do you think, dear readers? Can a bank really stand for something? Would you do business with Standard Chartered Bank if it were in your town? And how about the visual side of the piece? Love it? Hate it? Are you a fan of Sagmeister and his work? Never heard of him before? What do you think??


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Finally, the perfect use for an iPad:

Next week holds the promise of the US release of the first film by Banksy. Last week, an extended teaser for the film was released which begins to outline Thierry Guetta’s (aka Mr. Brainwash) pursuit of the mysterious artist. Check it out:

A list of venues and showtimes across the US is available on the film Web site.

Logos Galore

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Lately, I’ve found myself attending a lot of networking events and meetings; not surprisingly, one of the results is many conversations about the design services I offer…

Perhaps though, I should consider an ad like the following:

Great stuff, right? Especially that smashing logo at the end…

Back by popular demand, another installment of tips for life. Enjoy!

Art Rock

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A brief video of the current installation at the Barbican in London by French artist Céleste Boursier-Mougenot which explores the unexpected rhythms of daily life.

[OK, so it’s not the real Werner Herzog… but it’s still funny]

The end of print publishing? Or?? Watch and see:


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I tweeted about this months ago but somehow overlooked sharing this wonderfully fun artwork here.

On display at the British Library in London is a painting by British artist, Patrick Hughes:


The videos of last week’s Ignite Baltimore 5 are all available on YouTube; life is good.

The event itself was great; bigger and even better than IB4.

Here are a few of the more memorable presentations:

transcript of Brian Sacawa’s talk
Part of what I liked about this talk was the belief in Baltimore he expressed– that we are not simply, “Brooklyn’s farm team.” His tongue-in-cheek humor didn’t hurt either.

Wolverine AND Teddy Roosevelt in the same presentation?! Yes, please. Why do I have a feeling Tom has a master’s thesis worth of notes on this topic lurking in his sketchbooks.

A great, smart young woman who is working hard to change the world around her.

To me, this was the most important talk of the night–a brand strategist talking about the power of storytelling and the values of theatre being applied in business.


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As a jump-start to the week, here is a gorgeous piece to get your creative juices flowing, dear readers:

So it’s Valentines Day, for those who celebrate the occasion…

Can’t say I’m the biggest romantic– I gravitate towards the Baudelaire and Poe end of the spectrum versus the Keats and Byron end. Even so I enjoy thoughtful observances of the day whether experienced first hand or not–it is a shame really that we need a scheduled holiday to get us to articulate our affections but whatever works, right?

For those who prefer the greyer end of the spectrum, here are few tunes for you:

This video was made by a fan after Mark Sandman‘s death but it’s a good song, imho.

So dear readers, how do you observe this special day?