Ignite Baltimore 5

The videos of last week’s Ignite Baltimore 5 are all available on YouTube; life is good.

The event itself was great; bigger and even better than IB4.

Here are a few of the more memorable presentations:

transcript of Brian Sacawa’s talk
Part of what I liked about this talk was the belief in Baltimore he expressed– that we are not simply, “Brooklyn’s farm team.” His tongue-in-cheek humor didn’t hurt either.

Wolverine AND Teddy Roosevelt in the same presentation?! Yes, please. Why do I have a feeling Tom has a master’s thesis worth of notes on this topic lurking in his sketchbooks.

A great, smart young woman who is working hard to change the world around her.

To me, this was the most important talk of the night–a brand strategist talking about the power of storytelling and the values of theatre being applied in business.






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