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  • A little rain must fall

    Rumor has it it’s supposed to be rainy this weekend. Stay tuned, I guess.

  • Cloud Bursts

    Weather throughout the US has been a little unpredictable lately. Sounds like folks are already mentally ready for spring or summer, so how about a few snapshots from a warmer season to daydream about:

  • Recent Clouds

    It’s been a while since I pulled together a collection of cloud pictures (Like this one and this one). Here are few more from the semi-recent past: How has everyone’s week been so far?

  • Clouds

    It’s no secret that I take a lot of pictures— some more “serious” photographs but most probably qualify as snapshots. Recently I’ve noticed how many snaps I seem to take of clouds. It was never a conscious goal to document clouds, nor do I spend much time in real life looking up at the sky.…

  • Hurricane Season

    So it’s hurricane season (or has been for weeks but has finally been picking up). And that means, among other things, potential for good storm clouds (perfect for watching and picture snapping). Having grown up with hurricanes, I actually look forward to the crazy storms. While I wait for this year’s batch of end-of-summer storms…

  • Postcards from the Road