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Back to Earth

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Earlier this year I went on a trip that took me far across the globe. Since my return, it’s been a whirlwind of activity everywhere, it seems, but here. But finally, FINALLY, I’m coming back to the photo- and art-related work that’s been left off since my trip.

I’ve already shared a photo or two from the trip but there are heaps more to look forward to. Here are a few to begin with…

There were so many incredible plants, flowers and just LIVELINESS in general to see. Things were so lush and jeweled green. These are tiny plants I found on the stone walls of temples.

Tiny Moss | AmandaMuses

Tiny Leaves | AmandaMuses


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Perhaps it’s the combination of colors, or the layered brush strokes, or even remembering the spot where I took this quick shot, but for whatever reason, there’s just something about this texture that makes me smile…

Blue texture

Similar to a recent entry about sorting through unpublished photos, another theme struck me while sorting… Wood and/or nails..

Wood on the side of a century old barn..
Barn nail

Barn nail/grain

..a nail helping to cover a broken window…
Fiber board & nail

The grain of exterior of an old home tool shop..

..on the door of an ancient windmill…

.. and nails by an old streetcar line and rail shed…
Old wood & nails

Farm Textures

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Inevitably, while exploring the farm, I can’t help but notice all the subtle colors and textures. Here are just a few that caught my eye:
Barn Texture


Barn Wall

The Farm

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Among my travels this year, have been several trips abroad to spend time with my friends and extended family. It’s been a wonderful treat to grow closer and revisit places I’d not seen in many years. One of the more relaxing side trips while traveling was to a friend’s farm for the holidays.

As one might expect, the farm is off the beaten path, and on an island off the Swedish coast so when visiting it feels even more quiet than the average countryside. I’d never visited the farm on the island before this year so it was a real adventure packing up and ferrying over (through the Swedish equivalent of a Nor’easter no less) to see what there was to see.

Country Road

One of my favorite spots to begin exploring was the massive barn. Eventually, part of the barn will be refinished into a sort of guest house.

Barn side

Looking forward to going back again sometime when the weather is nicer. Do you and your friends andfamily have a favorite getaway spot? Where’s yours?

Barn window


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Found this on my walk home from brunch earlier today…

Another something I tripped over the other day on my walk…

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared photos or non-daily portrait work with any regularity; but thank you, dear readers, for your patience.

I think it’s time to end the wait…wouldn’t you agree?

Lucky 7










While on Mars the other day, I was fascinated by the unusual skin of the native fauna:

mars skin3

Mars Skin 4

Their skin appeared vibrant while remaining resilient to the harsh climes of the Martian frontier…


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The other day

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The other day I found myself out for a walk in the blustery North wind… and despite the bitter cold, I couldn’t resist taking a few shots:


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Even when I’m out running errands, I end up working. See?

Working while trying to take a break isn’t really such a terrible thing, mind you…

Do you have a hard time turning off your work brain, dear readers?

After taking most of last week off, I thought I’d start the week off with a few fresh texture finds:

Years ago, I found this coat. It is more of a piece of artwork than it is a wardrobe item:

What keeps you warm this time of year, dear readers?