The Farm

Among my travels this year, have been several trips abroad to spend time with my friends and extended family. It’s been a wonderful treat to grow closer and revisit places I’d not seen in many years. One of the more relaxing side trips while traveling was to a friend’s farm for the holidays.

As one might expect, the farm is off the beaten path, and on an island off the Swedish coast so when visiting it feels even more quiet than the average countryside. I’d never visited the farm on the island before this year so it was a real adventure packing up and ferrying over (through the Swedish equivalent of a Nor’easter no less) to see what there was to see.

Country Road

One of my favorite spots to begin exploring was the massive barn. Eventually, part of the barn will be refinished into a sort of guest house.

Barn side

Looking forward to going back again sometime when the weather is nicer. Do you and your friends andfamily have a favorite getaway spot? Where’s yours?

Barn window





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