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  • Badlands, Pt. 4; Mako Sica

    Just a few final images from the Badlands earlier this year: I don’t know about you guys, but I think those rocky spires and crags are just beautiful. Not sure when I’ll be out that way again, but these photos make me want to go back and keep exploring out west.

  • Badlands, Pt. 3

    As promised, here are a few from the drive through the Badlands earlier this year. Ok, I’ll admit that not every one of these pictures is postcard perfect but I still shared them because even in not-so-great shots, I think the scenery is still pretty amazing. Looking through these again makes me want to hop…

  • Badlands, Pt. 2

    As mentioned in a previous post, I drove through the Badlands earlier this year. It was the off season and the chance of snow was still pretty high. But the weather held and I got to see some of what makes the US beautiful. Along the way (before reaching the actual Badlands National Park), I…

  • Yosemite at 17-gigapixels

    Ever wished you could visit Yosemite National Park but never had the means one way or another? Why wait? Enjoy a virtual visit with a series of five 17 gigapixel images shot by Harlem-based photographer, Gerard Maynard during the summer of 2008. Yosemite at 17-gigapixels